Is Zim viable on defense in the GTV meta?

Oh, costume bonus, then she really is a beast. One day you will have enough emblems for all druids, imagine the thorn minion army with freyas boost then, opponents will hate you :laughing:


Zim is a great defender IMO. I don’t have Druid Vela, so she flanks my Telly with great success. Before Telly I ran her as my tank (I know, weird) and she really worked pretty well. Easily stayed in diamond at least. She and Vela are the best druids…I’d argue it’s better to emblem Zim over Vela because Zim is much more versatile and useful on offense.


You must forget about Guardian Gazelle :grin: but agree Zimkhita is very good and versatile hero.

I sincerely grow to hate druids class due the annoying minion thing.
Vela is obviously the most annoying out of everyone, but that few times i face Zim i find her equally annoying, while not so much when we talk about Freya.
So if i have to choose, i find Zim a better defender.

But ideally you should try to find a replacement for Lianna, which is a free damage target on a Telluria defence.

What do you mean by free damage target?

Telluria raiding team has already 3 or more fire heroes to take her down with tiles.
Putting another green is another easy target for tiles.

If you have a green tank, ìdeally you could have 2 blues, not 2 greens.

Ahh I gotcha. I put her on the right wing next to Vela to try and mitigate that a little bit. Only a red line on the right side of the board can take her out early. And with the Costume Bonus, her defense and health are only 70 points lower than Telly. And like I said it’s only for wars, so there is a limited number of red stacks that can be used. But you’re totally right. Ideally it would be another color, but I lack snipers in a big way. I have seshat but all the emblems went to lianna obviously.

For wars i would always suggest rainbow, as once the tank is out every color “doubled” could be stacked against.

Of course you have your own deck with class discrepancy and preferences.

Just saying a general idea.
Then of course you must considering what’s overall is the best thing for you for all the things, which is more easy to say that to do :slightly_smiling_face:

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