Defensive team, Zimkitha vs Vela

Hello, I have a problem with my defense team. I hesitate to pass the symbols from Zimkitha to Vela. What do you think? Any suggestion what should my defense look like?

Do not strip Zim of emblems. She’s the best Druid after Alby IMO…better than Vela because of the cleanse and buff. She doesn’t have to be good vs just one color like Vela, she works against all.


If you use green tanks on war I would sugges you to swap emblems and to field them as defense:
Sartana - Grazul - Telluria - Vela - Joon

On attacks I would still use Zimkitha more than Vela (if I had them, that’s it).

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I have the same dilemma. Telluria/Vela is a killer combo in defence. Grazul/Zimkitha is key when combating Telluria tanks. I have chosen to share druid emblems on both Vela and Zimkitha.

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