Create my war defense!

The title says it. Choose from the pool and tell me your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

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If I had this heroes, I’d use Seshat, Zimkitha, Telluria, Vela and Joon, but it’s hard to say, you have some interesting options, if Vela would have emblems, then it would be nice. Mine is Marjana, Vivica, Clarissa, Vanda and Lianna, I need a blue hero urgently lol


Ditto what @Rafa_Correia03 said. Seshat, Telluria, & Vela just can’t be outdone. Unless you get Jabberwock, Black Knight, Finley, or Frigg, there’s no one else I’d even consider swapping those for. Joon’s also awesome, and I’d put him over Onatel. Onatel’s not bad on flank or tank spots, but she doesn’t beat out Zim, Vela, or Telly for those spots. She wouldn’t make a good wing, but Joon’s one of the best wings out there.

Grazul & Zimkitha were the toss-up for me. I have Grazul and I really like her. I haven’t seen Zimkitha in action, though. So I looked at my recordings on who’s most used in leaderboard squads. I went down all the leaderboard squads on October 8th. There were 8 Zimkithas and 3 Grazuls. Today, there were 3 Zimkithas and 1 Grazul. I expect Grazul would be more commonly owned since she’s more recent. The higher leaderboard population of Zimkithas implies to me that she’s better for this job, especially since said leaderboard teams typically use the same heroes you have here. In my book, that means Zim’s even proven a better fit for your specific team build


It’s very tough to bench Lianna with the costume bonus. And I love Freya. It’s so tough to find the right lineup.

Zim-Frida-Telly-onatel-seshat. That’s what I’d do.

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