Is Vivica Better than Rigard

I got Vivica 4-70 and Rigard +12, I just want to know will Vivica can better than Rigard +12 if her max level because I just have only 6 Dart so, I don’t know should I accession for her or waiting for other 5* Holy hero
My current team: Kiril +12, Tibutus +6, Rigard +12, Colen +17, Caedmon +6. I just want to replay Rigard with Vivica to have rainbow team

I wouldn’t be too worried about defense rainbow yet, as I’m feeling you are in the early mid game

Rigard with costume is definitely better than Vivica. Rigard without costume is still a couple of tiles faster, but better is a bit subjective

Vivica is a fair enough Hero, but as a first ascended five when you have all those heroes I’m not sure. Are you F2P or paying player? If paying you might get something more preferable


I totally understand wanting to max out a rainbow team. However, since you have c. Rigard with emblems, I would wait advise you to wait until you have 12 darts before maxing Viv.

Hopefully you can get another 5* Holy before then.

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the only 5* healer close to as good as rigard is ariel

but having both rigard still sees far more use dye to higher durability at cheaper emblem cost +he’s not blue…

c rigard, c boldtusk my 2 most used healers personally


I don’t think the OP mentioned a Rigard costume, might just have Vanilla Rigard, which is good but closer in utility to Viv

The big issue for Viv is mana speed. The meta says that slow difficult to justify right now


I have 2-3 copies of BT, Regard, Mel and only one VIVI and that’s because I have her costume just for the bumps. Most of the time Im using the healing side of her. the raging pig and miss woolly are faster yellow healer to level.


You already have two healers. If there are other options I’d max a hero that added to your firepower.

Also, it looks like you don’t have a wide roster of 4* heroes, so I’d focus on them first and leave 5* for a future.


Thank you all!
I think I will keep her at 4-70 and wait for other 5* Holy Hero


Some great advice above… I’d add that Viv becomes a viable option if you get her costume… but not as a replacement for Rigard.


Just a question. Why costume of Vivica can make her better? Mana speed + 5% or all power/defense/heath will increase?

For me… it’s her defense drop when costumed.


But she still slow so she can be die before she can use this skill, right?


Yes… If I had her (insert sadface) , her primary use would be on titans… and since you have access to items, her speed is less important.

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I see, thank you all!

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Vivica AND Rigard without costume, I think they are hard to compare because of 4* and 5*.

Vivica AND Rigard+costume+emblems, I think Rigard+c+emblems is slightly better.

Vivica+costume+emblems AND Rigard, I think Vivica+costume+emblems is far better than Rigard, because the bonus costume and mana troop will boost Vivica’s mana speed very close to speed normal.

Vivica+costume+emblems AND Rigard+costume+emblems, They both are fantastic.
You will need both of them for many purposes. At least you can switch between 2 of them for SS3 Hard map stages where you may need to use advantage on dominant color to finish bosses. Also, you will have good healers to join war attacking team. Both of them can either join the war attack team as color stacker or isolate game changing healer.


So, max out your 1st Vivica to 4/80 and your 1st Rigard to 4/70 are not the bad idea at all.
And let’s hope for luck that you will draw Vivica’s and Rigard’s costume in the future.
Then your duplicate copy of both originals can be pushed up to tier 3/70 or 3/60 as back ups.

average mana cleanse > slow mana cleanse

even if slow is a 5*…
my opinion


So, what if I use both of them in my team:
Caedmon + 11, Vivica +0, Rigard +12, Colen +17, Triton+0

Why do you need two healers in the same team? Is it for defense? Especially, two healers with the same ability (cleanser).

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I have costumed Vivica and use her extensively in a 4-1 yellow stack. I ascended her only because of the costume; i dont have White Rabbit and cVivica is my only yellow defense down. I never use the original Vivica.

I have 4 maxed costume Rigards. But even beforeI pulled the costume, I already had multiple copies. Average beats slow when it comes to Raids and Wars.


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