Is Vivica Better than Rigard

Yes, it for defense, I just want to keep my Colen alive until he can fight
Beside, my attack team just 4* so, I easy to die so I want to have 2 healers to keep my team alive as long as possible

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Even with this approach I’d probably use Kirill as a flank to Rigard as he gives defense and attack bonus in addition to Rigard’s cleansing.
But honestly, I’d add a hitter as a flank to Rigard. Do you have other heroes to put into defense? Li Xiu could work here.

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I wouldn’t stress about that too much… Colen will be replaced soon enough… cups come and go. Focus on heroes that will be beneficial for wars and titans.


Vivi may be slow but the costume version, 17 level mana troop and high emblems she helps kill telly when there is a purple flank. Especially when matches with either Drake or C-Joon. My other three a BT, Zim & Mits

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In fact my current team is:
Kiril, Tibutus costume, Rigard, Colen, Caedmon
It is OK but not a rainbow team and I just got first 5* Holy hero - Vivica so I consider to use her

Other Holy hero is: Chao, Hu Tao (I use Chao before but I don’t like him much)

Viv w costume is better on purple titans.

In most other circumstances, Rigard is better. It’s not close when you ask if Rigard + another 5 star ascended yellow sniper is better than Viv, bc that’s the real equation.


I’d probably use Hu Tao as a flank in the defense. He is like a “little Justice” and can work for defense.

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Gives @Math4lyfe Viv #3. No costume though :sweat_smile:

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So, you mean my team will be:
Kiril, Hu Tao, Rigard, Colen, Caedmon

Chao isn’t great but he’s relatively decent for 4* holy. He is fast mana, and I like his mana cut.

He always be my first hero die in raid (except Colen but Colen have very good damage). And after I got Vivica, I didn’t think much about him.
Beside, his damage not really good

Kind of…

Do you have other blue 4*? I’d like to see a fast sniper in a left wing position (Sonya or Triton).

Actually, cTiburtus is good too with his defense down for all.


For me, Vivica without costume is slow and a waste of darts as there are 3 other holy healers released in the game, i.e. Delilah (only obtainable from Tavern of Legends and Hero Academy level 10), Lady Woolerton (fast mana generating hero only available for a few days each year), and Gullinbursti (also slow but at least his skill is not limited to healing as it can boost allies health and deal damage, not to mention, you only need 4 orbs to max him unlike Viv where 6 darts and 8 orbs are needed). Costumed Viv will enable players to shave off a tile (or is it possible 2?) as her defense debuff against all enemies is superior than that of White Rabbit. I have my Vivica obtained in 2018 still stuck at 3/70 as I prefer to use those rare darts to other better heroes. If you play mono, 3/70 Viv is decent enough to be used. But if you are not using mono in your attack strategy, I prefer using Rigard instead.



When I used Chao in the past, his mana cut helped slow down the enemy from firing their special skill. I think it comes down to your play style.

I had Triton max level +0 (all emblem in Chao and Tiburtus already) but his defense is bad, too easy to be kill. And just got Sonya few days ago not leveling yet…

Actually, with mana troop at lv29 or mana troop at lv17 + 20 emblemed nodes she becomes average speed when in her costume. Considering she heals 44% to all and drops defense of all enemies by 44%, she is pretty good at average speed. That’s why I resetted Rigard for emblems so I can push Viv to +20. Don’t have Rigard’s costume though.


Lol. Thanks! I’ve got the normal one… been drooling over the costume since its release.

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I have to write, that in offense teams I also like heroes which are slow, Azlar and costumed Quintus are workin quite well and even received a lot of emblems. My staple team against Telluria and Vela is Boldtusk, Marjana and Azlar.
For sure it is not the best attack stack, but for me they are working very well with Lianna and Kingston.

I do not have Vivica, but I would love to have her, because I am missing a holy healer until now.


I got this today from TC20 , does she worth to ascend to 4 ?

It depends on your other heroes, but generally, I’d say, yes, she is worth maxing.


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