Is there such a thing as Wars-Dropping?

I think most of us know cup-dropping is a viable technique in making filling the Heroes Wanted Mission Chest easier.

I think most of us know that cup-dropping as a Pre-Wars strategy is flawed and should be discouraged because it is not involved in Wars matchup metrics.

My question is:

Is Wars-dropping, AKA purposely losing Wars to get easier AND more future wins, a strategy?

To me, since we know that one of the Wars matchups metrics involves a rolling modifier based on wins/losses, that such a strategy would not garner more wins…but actually create fewer but easier wins.

Any thoughts?

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Doesn’t make any sense to me… why would anyone want to open their war chest less often to have a few easier war wins.

And isn’t the competition the fun thing about war? seeing in the last minutes who is gonna win? We once won a war with being only point ahead. Another one was decided with the very last attack in the very last minute… those stay in mind.

People cup drop to fill their raid chest easier… not slower!

Not sure if your idea would work. But pretty sure it wouldn’t be any benefit to try something like that… except for the opponents.

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Purposely losing wars to win wars would just keep you at around 50%. The only exploit I know of that actually increases your win rate is the “war shuffle” where you recreate your alliance every 5-10 wars to start from zero. It’s expensive in gems though and you potentially lose out on better titan loot.

This version actually goes back and forth between two alliances, one loses to get back to zero while the other wins 5 in a row. Then switch to losing one to win 5 in a row. So one of the two would be purposely “war dropping”.

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I was in a discussion on Reddit (first mistake, right?) and felt like I was being gaslighted because several people were saying this is a “sandbagging” technique.

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Brought this (shuffling) up in the Reddit discussion, too…I think it’s a crap move…and it suffers Titan devolvement.


Yes, @Guvnor analyzed the results and concluded the gains in war chest do not offset the losses in titan loot.


There probably is but it’s senseless because you would be throwing away some certain victories for the chance at vsing easier opponents…

… By which time you would have climbed up to your original place and there would be absolutely no benefit as there are no tiers

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The only sandbagging that I think could play is not using all of your flags once the win is secured. I think this counts against your team participation.

If I’m wrong it certainly won’t be the last time.

You only need to use one flag @PooFlingerJr, to count towards having participated in war. That in itself makes no sense, if you didn’t use all your flags and still are awarded 100% participation. :confounded:. But it is what it is.

Not using all your Flags (War Energies) counts towards the individual who didn’t use them Participation Score…which effects their personal Wars Chest.

But, are you saying that the rolling Wars metric of wins/losses takes into consideration how many points that your Alliance beat the other Alliance by? Is this part of that metric?


I was completely under the impression that Wars participation % is found by flags used divided by possible flags used.

Do you have a link to this? I’d love to see it.

Yes!! This is something I do actively; war matchups currently are comical at a certain level. II have been a vocal opponent of certain types of play! I doubt that my opponents begrudge me giving them the win so I can compete fairly the next time!

EDIT: just take one attack on in in! Let them know they are gutless!

Just searching using the Forum, it seems you’re in a majority that believe using just one flag in a War gives you all the Participation points for that War…

I’m finding that incredibly off-putting…

Sorry Poofter but that is the metric used afik. One flag and you ARE a full participant! Prove me wrong please?