Is Cup Dropping pre-war still a thing?

I’ve searched for topics and found a lot back in 2018, but nothing recently.

How is war-matchmaking set up now?

The last 6 wars we’ve had, 4 have been vs. Russian teams. In each instance, the Russian defence showing pre-war is a collection of 3 and 4 star heroes, with few players in Diamond.

When war starts, they’re war defence is fully maxed 5* heroes. In each case, our team is overwhelmed. We are a teaching alliance, so while we have 6-9 top teams that reside in Diamond and a few players who are regulars in the top 10, we also have 6-10 teams in gold or silver with 3*s for defence. We’re getting matched with teams who’s weakest player is stronger than half our team.

Is it our structure that’s the problem?

Is it cup dropping?

Is it matchmaking RNG?

Why is it that Russian teams seem to be set on cup dropping? Just coincidence? Residual habit from an old system?

Right now our team is in a fairly big squabble about cup-dropping, with half insisting it’s the way to go, and others (including me) not at all convinced of that fact, given that we’ve dropped 5000 cups or so, and our war-score has actually increased (assuming that’s because people are levelling heroes)

Please offer insight/help/advice or chocolate…


War matchmaking is still completely based on the top 30 heroes and troops of the players who are opted in, with a small variation coming from winning or losing a war. They just have divided that previous war score by 6 and added it to the titan and trophy score to rank alliances. But the trophy and titan scores still do not play any part in matchmaking. I think the cup dropping is just a habit of the particular alliances or players that you came up against.


Thank you. 20 times …

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AFAIK the official line from SGG is that cups have no bearing on war score. The Russian alliances seem to be a fairly intense bunch so them being serial cup droppers for chest filling would not surprise me at all.

I suspect the matchmaking system in general seems to favour alliances that are more bunched toegther (experience and/or level) at the expense of those that are more widespread like yours (and mine) is.


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