Costume Hiatus, stop embleming costumes?

So this seems like a hint that the current costume system may see some changes

Anyone think the way costumes currently use emblems could be a possibility and we may be wasting resources embleming base version heroes to make the most use of their costume if it’s changed somehow in the near future?


I’m thinking yes on this, and part of why I’ve only leveled up the costume on one of my heroes (no duplicates).

Regarding emblems I’m just keeping the way they are on my Rigard (and any other 4* and 5*), until costumes come back.

Luckily, I’ve only changed emblem paths with my Challenge Event 3*s. So if emblems change, my cost won’t be too expensive for those heroes.


Rigard i believe is one of the safest bets

My main concerns are probly elena, vivica, and richard

5s are expensive as is and i don’t think most would emblem elena to use her without costume so if they were forced to emblem both to do that and say in a couple months the costume version reverts to 0 then they’re out a butt ton of resources since now they would have to reset base and re emblem costume and being different classes it could have screwed up their reasoning for ascending & embleming elena in the first place(those that don’t use fighters in defense for example so maxed & emblemed her since she would be a decent fighter emblem dump for them)

@Petri i know u and staff are on vacay but i hope you guys think out any possible changes and effects they may have before making them

Reset emblems don’t cover 4* mats, food, resources, and time


Hi @Rigs @DaveCozy, I’m very new to E&P (playing for 6 months) and my opinion is from a novice mindset (aka: maybe useless to you…LOL) but I hope they change the current rules where the emblems are from the traditional hero (element) versus the costume’s element. I actually thought that costumes “also” came with the ability to swap emblems (that match the costumed hero’s special skills).
To be clear (again IMHO as a novice), I thought that a player could opt from a traditional hero to costumed hero, and included ascending with the costume’s element. For example I have a fully leveled Sonya (a paladin) but with her costume, she has skills as a druid, and I should be able to use the 240+ druid emblems instead of her current paladin emblems.


Hi @Kerrang I personally agree with you regarding having separate paths :slight_smile:

Initial complaints I heard from costumes (before I was in beta) was how many resources it took to level up the heroes and then putting emblems on them took a lot of effort too. I think they fixed the part with ascension mats (those were expensive before, now costumes take much less) but the emblems having the same path in both forms made it difficult for me to digest as a good solution.

Personally I thought having the costumes with individual emblem paths made sense, even if longterm that was going to be more expensive regarding emblem spending. At least that way we would be able to emblem them according to their talent tree strengths.


I agree they should have rolled them out that way initially

The issue is they didn’t and players have made big expensive choices already based on how the system has already been rolled out

I mean if someone maxed vivica so they could dump cleric emblems into her and use her costumed sorcerer version in trials and other areas without sacrificing emblems from their defense hero Ursena, changing the system now could have made all that pointless in a sense

Just running some scenarios through my head and i can see where changing it could cause a pretty sizable uproar which will demand some kind of compensation for the mistake and wrong doing

And 1 reset emblem won’t cut it

This won’t be like players demanding reset emblems to cover their 6 gem price resets of 2* heroes

Ths will be demanding compensation for 4* mats that some have spent 30 to 100 dollars on through purchases, hams & iron that have taken weeks to accumulate, not even taking into account other ascension/emblem choices that didnt solely involve the costumed heroes that have been effected due to the current system

Maybe i wouldnt have ascended elena & marjana if i knew i would want rogue emblems for both since at the time i thought i would only need rogue emblems for marjana and fighter emblems for elena or some other similar situations

Basically sayin this could have cost some players in upwards of 8 to 16 or more unfarmable 4* mats, not counting the hams & feeders


No offense but I really hope they don’t listen to this… emblems are difficult enough to get and if it costs me 1010 to fully emblem a 4 star with a costume on, just to be able to switch back and forth, I’d likely be done with them as their value would drastically decrease for me.


Think that’s been part of the issue all along

I think changing classes was possibly a mistake altogether(tho now that it’s been done it may be too late to undo)

I think stats and skills is probly where costumes should have stopped instead of going a step further with classes

Other option would be to make the class a choice as well

Maybe i like rigard costume but would rather use his cleric class, well equip the costume, and select the class between the ranger/cleric options

Basically meaning once a costume is maxed then u have the choice of changing class or not, bout the only way i can think of that would work for both sides of the debate


I’d like to see a compromise between using the same path and using different emblems to level the costume.

  1. Use emblems for the original hero. Go the path for that hero.
  2. Get a ‘credit’ for the emblems used on the original. They can only be used on that hero and costume. Use these to select an emblem path for the costume.

Another option would be the ability to emblem the hero on either the hero OR costume and use a mix of both emblems. I think that would be more difficult to code, but could be done.


As C2P with very limited 5* hero’s Elena is one that has gotten my emblems (and doesn’t have the costume).
Het longivety increased a lot with the emblems in her.
If I every may be lucky enough to pull her costume, I have a second of her waiting to be leveled and then I will decide what to do with the emblems. My guess now will be that the costumed version will get the emblems despite the huge loss of resources when resetting the original one.


Maybe if (possible change that) updated rules allowed a player to decide both options: traditional or costumed (+) the emblems having the same path as @DaveCozy mentioned. If this rule change can be implemented, it can satisfy many players as long as both options are “mutually exclusive” (albeit more development, testing, regression prior to fielding, etc.). To sweeten the level of effort that this may take to implement, maybe add a “cost” where “…opting to costume and use emblems of the same path“ will cost “x amount of gems” or introduce a “swap emblem” item (there’s already a reset emblem). Again just some thoughts from a novice perspective.

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None taken, it’s just my opinion :slight_smile: I do agree that longterm this would get very expensive – but at least we’d have some kind of choice on where the path can go.

Perhaps a better compromise may be to make the emblem trees use less of them for a costume? I’m just spitballing here, but part of me does wish we could change the paths for either one without affecting the other.

With Bane for example (and at least he’s a cheap example) the Monk and Ranger trees have completely different optimal paths. But I want to use the Ranger version in Challenge events for the higher attack stat, so I had to move emblems around.


Hi @amessofamind, I’m not disagreeing with your statement, but here’s another perspective:
Sonya is a paladin and uses those emblems in her traditional element and with her fully ascended costume I thought that I could not only “swap” from her traditional (a paladin) special skills, but also “swap” to use druid emblems (her costumed skills) and move the paladin emblems to other 4* and 5* heroes on my roster. I have more paladin heroes than any other hero class and not enough paladin emblems to spread around. Again I’m new to E&P gaming so just my humble opinion.


i don’t think the original idea of costumes was to put it on an already leveled hero with emblems or not.
But keep that hero maxed, you got a second hero the same but level that up and the costume so you got both to use! The classes baffle as you still have to use the same as the original in emblems wise


I understand the ideas, I just haven’t personally found a slightly less then “optimal” emblem build to be an issue. I assumed they were taking them back off the shelf to help with better visibility in trials (if a costume isn’t on, it’s hard to remember every hero option you have for each trial) and potentially change up the need to level costumes multiple times, although this doesn’t really bother me but know it does some folks. I like the idea of being able to use either class emblem that others have mentioned, I just don’t want to have to use even more emblems when they are so sparse as is.

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Agreed, allowing either emblem is fine, and preferred, but forcing the use of both emblem types to max the hero is not something I’m interested in.


I know, Right …!?!?
20 Characters

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Never started them as its bogus you have to level them in the first place. Here’s my analogy…go into any costume shop for Halloween, plunk down $$, and viola you are whoever you decided you wanted to be.

No leveling required.

If you really had to level them for whatever reason, hams & iron and some 1* farmable mat should have been sufficient. No feeding required.

Again, Halloween analogy…want a better wig for your costume? More detailed sword? Plunk down a bit extra for the upgraded costume. Done. No hoops to jump through.

I also think the change in class is wonky as that messes with the emblem path chosen. Poorly thought out.

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I still think that the best way to handle this emblem issue is for costumes to change a hero’s color, not its class.

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I seriously doubt they will change the fundamental way emblems operate on costumes. It’s been the same ever since they first appeared in beta and changing it now without warning undoes months of a consistent narrative (not to mention the work necessary to change the code already completed).

On the other hand, I have no clue why they needed a hiatus to work on the costume feature, and I don’t really care to guess since there is absolutely no information to base any speculation on. I would agree that it is prudent not to invest heavily in plans involving costumes at the moment, because something will most likely change; we just don’t know what.


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