Is Skadi worth the scopes?

I have my 6 telescopes and really want to max Skadi but my alliance mate has her and he gets frustrated trying to use her so I am hesitant to max her saying he just can’t get her to kill the minions. Dont know if it’s just him, his lack of support hero’s to help her shine or if this is more prevalent than I know. I have other options such as my second Ariel, Miki and Fenrir.

My heart tells me Skadi because offence if more fun but Ariel is awesome and always useful.

Looking for advice on Skadi and if she is worth the mats.

yes she is worth it!
but she needs to be paired with attack booster and defense dropper to be reliable. (emblems help too)

kiril/costume and costume rigard for example.


Or pair her with some other Aoe heroes, vela for example works great to “soften” those minions

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It does depend on yah rosta I have ariel fen miki maxed they are all cool.

@Mr.Spock does use skadi well he can give advice. Here’s his YouTube…


I don’t have her, but @Homaclese says she is “one of the most powerful heroes in the game”.


If you haven’t yet maxed Miki, then you should do Miki first, but Skadi is amazing and absolutely should be taken up as well. She needs support heroes to be at her best, but with those she can pretty much take down entire teams if there’s one or two minion generators. The stacks are crippling, and the fact that her damage increases as enemies are killed makes her even more devastating once you can ghost tiles.


I would make that dependent on how big their titans are and if he is interested in ranking in challenge events. Everything beneath 10* works just pretty fine with a 3.70 miki, I have played a little bit over a year with an unascended miki and only gave him scopes when we reached 11-12* and he got one - shoted regularly.

And here a little example, just HOW crazy skadi really is:

Second try against that team

And that was no lucky shot, I use this team quite regular when I find someone I know in pvp battles to send them a video :innocent:. Most of the time I win one of the 3 tries.
I’m not sure if there is another hero who wins so easily and regular against much stronger teams with so little support. In the end what I really wanted to say skadi is great…

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She needs to be paired with the right heroes to perform. Defence down and attack up is essential. Easily one of the most advanced heroes to use.

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Skadi’s ability is very powerful. She still needs the right team behind her and the right target in front of her. It always depends on your options, needs, and troops but she’s an excellent hero


Skadi is honestly one of my favorite heroes. Obviously she shines vs minion makers, but she still comes with me for blue mono hits even if there isn’t a defense with any summoners. Her AoE is solid, and paired with the relatively widely available Costumed Kiril, she’s a real badass even sans minions.


I don’t have tons of options, but I’d max a second and a third over almost any blue. Holds her own on def, and can almost singlehandedly win against many teams.

I regularly run a team of Skadi and 4 4 star healers in wars against 4600-4700 teams and she cleans house.

As others mentioned, and attack up or def down hero is a nice match for her - and, level 23 mana troops make a huge difference for her.

So again, not sure who else you’ve got, but answer is almost assuredly yes!

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I would suggest you to take Skadi as all attack on emblems.

She has stats for tank, but in reality, there are only a few instances, where she can be used there effectively. Her position is right flank or right wing, so that all specials already went off, before she fires last, killing most and with a chance to have dmg amplified before firing.

She is a great unique hero, and can be used as for raid offense or defense

Thanks everybody. You have all convinced me to ascend her and she is now at 4-20 itching to get fully levelled. I forgot to mention I got Russula as well seeing most people seem down in her and I will wait to ascend her until there are more of her in use to see if she is ascension mat worthy. Nothing worse than ascension material regret! Cheers


I feel Russula will be the new META at tank position, sooner or later :slight_smile:

If they release Russula-only raid tournaments, Russ tanks will definitely become a thing


Good choice! I have her at +20 since long time and she is one reason why I didn’t swap C-Viv for Lidenbrock as that area dispel and defense down helps Skadi a lot. And with Heimdall it’s a killer combo. Those three plus Vanda and Kage are my raiding A-team and handles summoner teams quite nicely.

Also, as suggested when embleming her take all swords you can. It makes her much more efficient. Also mana troops, because those raise attack more, and troops at Lv23 will reduce Skadi charge to 9 tiles (or lower level if you take +20 node).

LOL…no. I wish. It would be much easier than it is now.

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