6th Scope. Too many options

Frostmarch just gave me my 6th scope.

Here are my maxed blues

I was debating between Alasie, Athena and Rumpleforeskin before Cobalt came along. I mean, it has to be Cobalt, right? I got some good duplicates I could max, but I’m not sure I wan to max a duplicate just yet. I have a lot of epic hero tokens saved up so I don’t get another Zulag. The Glenda chick seems about on par with the past few heroes of the month. Pretty weak. I’ll max most of these before I get to her.

Nice collection! Can’t help, don’t have many. Of your short list I have Alasie and use her lots. I would also add Ariel into your mix

Miki is already maxed, so

My vote is Cobalt

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Cobalt or Skadi


Frida or Skadi or Cobalt

I personally love how Frida compliments Miki.

Personally I’d go with Alasie, then Cobalt —

I’m just way to gun-shy on new heroes getting gutted, and shed fit well with your other blues

I have a Cobalt maxed and I don’t think he’s overpowered at all. Cobalt’s 2nd tier firing does a little bit more damage than Drake Fong’s special. So I don’t think they will nerf him.
I would either max Skadi or Cobalt. If you fight Telluria tanks a lot, Skadi is almost a guaranteed win with her stacks. It’s insane how strong her stacks are. Watch this-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svS3Ji2hhJg&t=1s

Cobalt on offense isn’t really all that special. You might want to watch a video on that too. Everyone else you know what they do.

I would max Skadi too. Telluria, new war feature with minions, coming Christmas event. There is lot where Skadi will shine.

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I’d max Skadi…i have a maxed cobalt, he is good but far from op.
U have so many blue maxed that a niche hero like skadi fits great.
Nice collection

Still haven’t maxed one of the guys yet. I maxed Odin and was waiting for my training camps to build back up.

I have 10 scopes now, but one is coming with path of valor and another this month with frostmarch.

Here’s the new candidates.

Leaning towards the ugly bastard. He seems and looks like a mean beast.

I’ll be able to max another by the end of the month.

Krampus if you need blue tank or as a potential flank for green tank such as Heimdall. Skadi if you want to roadkill Telluria tanks (which there are still plenty of) and minion generators in general. Cobalt can be nasty but he is a bit RNG-dependent on defense.

I went Krampus. With more scopes incoming, I might wait to see how Lord Loki looks before maxing another blue.

Went ahead with Skadi, got 2 more scopes today. One from a titan snd one through a purple chest.

I still have more scopes so if Lord Loki turns out to be the new hotness, I should be able to get the scopes fairly quickly for him.

All my current maxed blues

Snow White still my favorite offensive hero

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