Fenrir vs Skadi

Hello everyone. I have recently pulled Skadi and Fenrir and i was wondering which hero would benefit myself the most.

My blues are Vela, c.richard, kiril, triton, c.sonya, grimm and Jott all maxed.

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t have Skadi, but I have Fenrir and I will say he works best in a 1-2 sniper combo with another Fast blue (I use Magni), where the first sniper gets thyem below 50% and fenrir finishes them off. Looking at your current roster, Sonya probably doesn’t hit hard enough to do the trick? You might have more success using vela and Skadi where vela can weaken minions to ensure Skadi finishes them and adds her stack. Even Richard and Skadi would be a good match.

Either way, both are interesting heroes, they just take a bit of strategy to shine.


One factor to consider is Skadi’s beta tested initial damage boost.

If the increased initial damage that was tested in Beta comes to live game; skadi will be able to kill just about any minion with her direct damage… Against a Telluria team, this means an instant 5x stack of frost damage & mana slow…

So personally, I would suggest waiting till the balance changes are finalised in live game. Then if Skadi’s one goes thru, I would personally be looking towards her :slight_smile:


The thing is that skadi doesnt turn into a force now with the risk of being nerfed like it happened with Vela :laughing:

Thanks Guvnor, i will slowly level skadi

I think that my grimm or costume richard hit stronger than my sonya.
I have triton too, that dudde hits hard

Another thing i forgot to mention is that i have 390 fighter emblems to put on fenrir while skadi conflicts with my joon. They compite for emblems

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Any thoughts on this? Are emblems available an important factor here? Around 400 to fenrir vs only a hundred for skadi

I know emblems are super important for Fenrir, he’s squishy. Not sure on Skadi but from what I’ve seen of her after the buff, I’m impressed.

I think skady got really low attack… like boril…