Is it time to blow the dust of the Ole TC 20?

I haven’t had a training camp 20 running in quite some time. After having 30+ hero’s for war I felt like it was most beneficial for myself and my alliance to use all 4 camps to level up what I have rather then get more hero’s who may never get leveled up. I still feel like that was the right choice but im thinking it may be time to fire one or two back up. Im getting very close to maxing the last holy hero I have. I have fed all the 4* yellow dupes I have had because I won’t be maxing a copy of Chao, Li Xu, Danza, or Hu Tao. I need one more dart before I can do any more with a 5*. Im very c2p so I only do S2 and event summons so my only real hopes in getting a yellow to level up is TC 20. Using yellow feeders on any other type seems like a lot of exp. down the drain in the long run and this could also result in me running out of other hero color’s to level up as well. This is actually the first time I have came this close to running into this not so bad problem to have. What should I do? If TC 20 is my best option how many should I run? If this is the best course of action I plan on running the rest on very cheap and letting heros collect until I find a holy hero worth lv. up. I can post roster if relative. Thank you, ThePumpkinKing

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That’s pretty much what I’m doing.

I have a red drought - only three red 4* out of my 30+ maxxed 4s and 5s.

So running two tc20 and two tc11 until I get someone useful


Everyone has different goals of what they look to get out of the game. I am C2P as well, but unlike most others, I don’t raid nor do I do wars, the main goal I have is a collector’s aspect. Had the current version stay put without any alterations, my goal is to collect every classic (s1) 3* - 5* hero available without any kind of duplicates. I am only really 7x 5* heroes short of that goal.

So with that, I run TC20 x 3, and use my 4th TC20 for feeder production (mostly TC19, but sometimes TC2 or TC1 if I feel my at one point seemed endless Rugged Clothes looks like it is about to go into short supply). Sure I might as well put the 4th one into production to maximize my chances right? True, but since I also do not spend gems to increase hero cap space, any additional space I have are the feeders’ temporary holding place before they get fed.

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I’m in the same boat as you with no holy to work on. But off color leveling using just one color isn’t costing you too much exp. 80% of your feeders are still on color, so you only lose 20% of 20%, or 4% of total hero exp.

In the same vein, a TC20 is basically an epic summon every two days. That’s worth 300 gems, with the added bonus that a legendary is a 5% chance instead of 1.5%. So, instead of using gems for pulls, run 3x TC20, and use your gems for WE refresh to farm backpacks to keep the 4th TC running TC2.


I should add that Atlantis Rising is incredible for c2p, of which I am one. If you save your gems bought from the small sales throughout the month, don’t use them on summons, but instead on WE refresh to build up backpacks on S2 1.3 or 1.9, you can have a TC2 running 24/7 for most of the next month. That takes the exp sting out of running TC20 and keeps you progressing. A TC11 produces 162 on color hero exp/hr, but a TC2 produces 648/hr.

I’m new but i like the idea!
Will used it when i get to Tc 20.
Have fun.

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