Should I take a third TC to 20?

I’m in what I think is a fairly unusual situation.

I am almost out of heroes to train, I"m down to 6, counting a second Melendor that I think is worth doing, since he’s a healer. I have 5 currently going, but can max Elkanen using Trainers & green feeders at any point.

There are a lot of heroes (8) available from TC 20 that I don’t have, and I lack Red or Yellow heroes to work on, and 5 of those 8 are Red/Yellow.

I’ve done my 10 pulls ( feels more fun calling them that) on my TC 20, and got feeders plus a single 5* duplicate, so they are running but have nothing to collect right now. I have a TC at 19 which could go to 20, to try and give me 3 shots at something new every two days.

Iron is not a concern, I have plenty, unless I upgraded a building, then it takes about a day to get back near max. What do you think I should do ?

  • Make a third TC 20
  • Stay at two TC 20 and a TC 19

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I built 3 cp20, and it helped a lot to get more 5* heroes quicker. It helps to get a more dinamic aproach to when i wanto to make feeders of various kinds of time.

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If you’re F2P or C2P and are running out of heroes to work on then having a 3rd TC20 makes sense.

Maybe don’t stock it up too hardcore but maybe 10 odd trainings…? Or until you get some more stuff :wink:

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Do you plan on summoning a lot? Then don’t, it’s waste of resource and can slow you down on finishing other buildings.

Are you mostly free and only rely on tokens and TC? Then if you need no feeders because you have nothing to work on and prioritize getting new heroes, it’s probably a good idea as it increases your chances at getting something quite a bit.

So there’s no universal answer to your poll. I personally think making even 1 was a waste of time, I used it for a month maybe. I barely even run TC19 nowadays as it’s too food-consuming. But I got all my heroes from $$$ summoning so I have no need. I get for some it’s significant building and the more the better.


I have 4 at TC20. Just because. That way I can set them to train anything. I mostly just run 1 or 2 at TC20, one at 11, and the other for either 2 or 19. But there will come a day when I will eventually finish leveling all the heroes I already have, and that’s when I’ll switch all 4 of my TCs to running 20. That’ll give me 4 heroes every 2 days, which should presumably give me a 5* hero roughly about every 10 days if my math is correct.

Of course, as others have pointed out, it depends on your own situation. If you already have more 5* heroes than you will ever conceivably use, there’s really no point in even having one TC20, let alone four. But if you’re FTP/CTP and/or have really bad luck with summon portals in general, TC20 is usually your best alternative. Albeit not a perfect one, it will be hard to stay fully competitive with mostly season one heroes. But season one 5s are still better than no 5s at all.

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How are you on fine gloves? Third TC20 will outstrip your gloves with all the 4* heroes. It’s fine if you still have zero copies of Rigard, Kiril, Boldtusk, and just want to push hard for them and throw away that fourth Grimm. But if you want to have something consume a lot of feeder heroes you need 5* heroes, but you should ascend hardly any of the TC20 ones without a costume. I’d prefer to let feeders accumulate in training 11 until something worthy shows up. Even a F2P should get about 2 HOTM per year, plus others.

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I’d stick to two tc20 n tc11 n leave them
Feed your heros from map stages

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I forgot to note that I basically don’t spend money on this game. I have bought VIP int he past, but have no real need for two builders any longer.

Elkanen is now finished, so on to a duplicate Melendor.

To address various non-financial points:

I certainly don’t have more 5* than I would conceivably use, as I’m missing some of the better TC20 5*, this is the list of who I don’t have: Horghall, Lianna, Domitia, Azlar, Elena, Khagan, Marjana, Joon.

I’m not fully competitive now, and I never expect to be fully competitive. I have 0 kills in Diamond, and maybe I get there at some point, but I’m okay with that not happening.

Most of my summons are driven by saving up gems, and what various coins I can farm from events. I’m averaging about 1 new to me hero a month, so far this year, I’ve gotten Vela (1st HOTM I’ve pulled), Chick Jr, and Mireweave (only Valhalla hero I have). I expect to be able to get a ‘new to me’ hero from Valhalla every 3 or so months, and from events about every 6 months. I can’t fathom a F2P expecting to get 2 HOTM a year, plus some other 5*, that seems high to me.

I have 19 Fine Gloves right now, but need zero Season 1 4* Heroes. I have them all maxed. I’m working on a second Rigard and Melendor now - basically it will be the extra healers that will go to 3.60, and ascended fully if nothing else to work on.

I think delaying other building for 4 days will be fine. I just have to finish off 3 levels of one Advanced Food Storage, a few levels of Advanced Mines & Farms, and TC to 24, plus what that unlocks. Haven’t decided on the order yet - might do TC 24 first. As far as buildings, I’m pretty far along.

Once again, thanks for the input.

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