Another Lvling advice

Hi guys, just writing so you can help me to decide what to do with my feeders (around 2900 waiting):

Roster 5*:

  • Purple: Seshat +11 , Sartana 4/80, Grimble 3/70, Domitia 3/70, Clarissa 1/40
  • Yellow: Vivica 4/80, Neith 3/70
  • Red: Elena 4/80
  • Blue: Ariel +8 , Vela +8 , Richard 3/70
  • Green: Kingston +11 , Lianna 4/80 , Margaret 3/70 , Kadilen 1/30 , Horghall

I have all relevant 4* maxed, currently working on Rigard 2, Sonya costume 2, sumle and lady woolerton 4/50.


  • Damascus Blades = 9
  • Tomes = 13
  • Telescopes = 12
  • Tonics = 16
  • Rings = 19
  • Darts = 17
  • Tabards = 10

Well just got Clarissa in atlantis and I am eager to level her, but I do not like doing non-color feeding as it is less efficient exp-wise.
I am torn on who to work next and what to do.

  • Purple: Clearly doing clarissa all in
  • Red: Sumle (no red 5*).

But now the problem starts…

  • Green: Right now doing buddy number 2 with one star green feeders (think he is excellent to use in tavern quest as by charging him a lot sooner I can protect two other 4 stars with minions) and kadilen with 2 star feeders. Is kadilen worth four star mats?
  • Blue: Will soon get Richard to 3/70. Is he worth mats? Otherwise plan on finishing sonya costume 2 and maybe chick Jr.
  • Yellow: I was planning on finishing Lady and maybe ascending Neith later, but not sure because a lot of people speak bad of her in the forum. Is she worth?


I have currently saved 22k gems, 55 costume keys, 2800 atlantis coins and 3300 Valhalla coins. Do not want to use them this month because I already got clarissa, and you know, patience is a virtue lol.
Considering next month HOTM, probably no summons, but I will certainly go HARD (for me) on July, as it is a red HOTM and I would love Miki, Drake or Ariel 2 (even mok-arr not that bad on purple mono). Planning to do 90 pulls that atlantis. Guess I can get a blue 5* and/or a yellow at that point. Also it is probable I will do some costume pulls and S3 pulls depending on future HOTMS.
Also, in case of ascending Neith she is not getting any emblems as I love my seshat and a lot of 4* make also a case for emblems (like buddy 1)

What would you do on each color?

Interesting conundrum.

First, you are absolutely correct that feeding off-color is less efficient. But if one were really eager to level someone up, it’s a viable path. I certainly do it often. I mention this because if you remove the true-to-color constraint, it may make things easier.

I’m never afraid of stating the obvious, so…your roster is thin on red. You are also thin on tanks. Your only true tank is Horghall, and he’s not the best due to his speed. (He was my one and only tank and my only five-star green for a long time and I managed to survive, so it’s not dire.)

I’ll chime in on Neith. You are correct that many folks don’t think she’s great, but she is not bad. In fact, given what you’ve shared so far about your roster, I think you should make her your focus, at least for yellow.

Re Lady Woolerton, even though she’s at 4.50 I still lean toward Neith because she is at 3.70 now and Lady W has her downside in that she doesn’t gain mana for two turns after she fires. If she were part of my color stack raid, that might be okay. But if she is your only yellow on defense, that would make me nervous.

I love Sonya with and without costume, so think you will not regret investing in her. The good news is that you have Vela and Alice, so you have some solid blues. Richard is somewhat like Horghall for me; if he were your only five-star blue, I would say go, no question. I have Richard at 3.70 and he’s likely to be there for a while (I’ve maxed Master Lepus and Vela in the interim.)

Your roster is solid on green, too. I would not invest more in Margaret. Kadilen is worthy of your materials.

There is a lot to like about Clarissa, and she is different enough from Seshat and Sartana that it would make sense to level her up.

My suggestions in summary:
Purple – Clarissa
Yellow – Neith then Lady W
Blue – stick to your plan (with Sonya, Sonya’s costume, and Grimm if you have him)
Green – Kadilen then your second Buddy
Red – You have to work on Sumie as you don’t seem to have anyone else

Good luck

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