Way to many heroes, who are best feeders?

Hi there, new to the forum, fairly new to the game! I have a lot of heroes and need to know who is best to keep and who is best for feeding! Here is who I have!

I like my main team, and war teams are a work in progress, but what I’m interested in is is the special events,(Avalon, Toltec,etc)! This is where I need help! On the leaderboards of these events I see teams of one color,(this I don’t understand how it’s possible when gems are all colors, but that’s another discussion for another day)! Anyway that being said I need to make teams of 5 of one and/or 2 colors!
So who do I toss?
Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Can you help the OP?


All I can see as mono color are 4☆ team of reds:
Falcon Gormek BT Sumito Scarlet

Sort by strongness and group by rainbow.
Then keep differnt ones in aditional Teams.

Didnt keep 3* and duplicates es only, if they are better for one of the 6 mainteams.
Miss only events for 3* but who cares?
Otherwise roaster becomes confusing and who the f… levels hundreds of heroes?

Keep all 4 and 5*s as they’ll be handy for Wars, raids, etc when they’re levelled.

With regards to the Events, you’ll want a good set of 3*s for the Rare.

3*s to keep:

Mnessues, Rudolph, Friar Tuck, Brienne, Gato, Balthazaar, Bane, Melia

You need to look at finishing levelling your 4*s.

Basically you don’t want to focus on the 5 stars until you have a good depth of 4s on your bench.

Once you have some 4s done, look at your 5s and take them to 4/70. When you have a couple of each colour at 4/70, I’d suggest coming back to the forums in who to take to the final ascension.

It will seem like it takes ages, however by focusing on your 4s you would have, hopefully, saved some mats for the 5s.

Only level your 3s if you plan on doing the Rare stages in the events.

I hope that is some help.


Sister do you mean 3^70 for 5☆?

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The mono teams in events are for those that want to achieve the top 100 in the leaderboard. Unfortunately you’re a few events from there.

In the meantime, take what advice you can from your reploes and focus on maxing out a couple of 4* rainbow teams.

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I do brother :slightly_smiling_face:

20 coffees

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I always get confused l

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Thank you all! I got carried away when I started and put a lot of money into 5* and fed all my lower heroes to them ! Leveled up 3* and 4*, not knowing what I was doing. I’ve a little bit reading forums and talking to my my alliance! But I do believe I’m still way behind! Also I try to level everything instead of choosing one! I’ll get it, but I really want to be able to compete in the main events , all 3 tiers so that’s where I’m at!
I was trying to figure out what to feed to who.
Thank you again! I will try to hang on to all my 4* and 5* though, I do get greedy!:smiling_imp:
Like I said I have fed good heroes away, including a couple 5* that I regret! But I’m learning and you guys are very helpful!!:grin: thank you!!!

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Here comes the Pandah :blush:


Agreed with @MrsBCW , work on getting a few rainbow teams of 4* maxed, or at the mat wall, before starting on anyone else. After that, I’d suggest maxing the good 3* to help fill out your roster for war quickly and cheaply, and that’ll allow you to participate in the beginner tier of the challenge event as well. 5* are definitely closer to end-game goals, and it’ll take you a few months to get the mats to take them all to 80, so I’d hold off on leveling them until you either 1. Run out of other good heroes to work on in that color 2. Already have a few 4* leveled in that color or 3. You’re close to having all of the necessary mats to take them to 80 or 4. They’re already at 4T (I see two are so you might as well finish).

As for leveling, I’d stick to leveling one hero in each color at a time until they’re either maxed, or at the mat wall. Do on-color feedings for the extra exp and to increase the chance at raising SS. Spreading feeders around to too many mouths can slow your progress down significantly, so I would focus on the most important hero of each color at a time. Also, I wouldn’t ascend someone unless you plan on finishing them off, to max on that level, at that time. You never know if you’ll need those mats, and if you aren’t going to max them, those stats don’t increase as much as they could- therefore the hero isn’t at it’s full potential. I would also save Trainer Heroes and 3*+ feeders til the last few levels of 4* or 5* on 4T, or at least wait til a hero has a maxed out skill.

Another thing, I’d recommend keeping at least one copy of all of the good 3* (dupes of the good ones if you’ll eventually want to compete in beginner and need a full mono team). I’d keep at least one copy of every 4* and 5* you get, and one to two dupes of the amazing ones. No need for more than three though; you’ll probably never level that many with the amount of heroes you already have to level.

Honestly, I only keep dupes of the limited time heroes [that are good], because I do enough pulls to keep a dupe of a season one hero when I’m ready to level them. Right now, I have too many heroes, and not enough space, to keep dupes of good season one heroes. Up to you on how you want to go about that; it depends on how many pulls you’ll be doing, and how many TC’s you’ll eventually be running.

I’d highly recommend spending gems to increase your hero space though. Better to spend a few gems (that’s less than a summons), than eat away a hero you may later come to regret. You’ll get some space from leveling up, but purchasing the extra space will add onto that. I can currently hold 165 and even that’s not enough (I like 50 slots open for TH and on-color feedings), so you’ll have to decide for yourself how much space you’ll need, in order to keep every unique, and/or good hero you pull.

Now, for leveling (4* First, 3* Second, 5* Last):

Red: Finish BT to 70- amazing buff and heal. After that, I’d get working on Wilbur immediately, he’ll help you just about everywhere, but especially the places where it counts (Titans, events and quests); even though you have others closer to max, he’s too important to not get in the works ASAP. Afterward, you might as well take Kelile to 70 since she’s already at 4T (even though I’d usually save her til last, her fast mana hit could still be a benefit once she’s maxed). Guardian Falcon will help you for green Titans and tanks, so I’d make him a priority after. Then, I’d go back to Colen since he’s already 3T, even though he’ll only be used defensively, wars, and maybe in a red stack, but I’d only take him to 60. Then, Gormek should come next; always nice to have defense down heroes for war. Scarlett for that super high attack stat, then Lancelot for another high attack stat and buff. Sumitomo last- him and Colen are the two I wouldn’t spend mats on (that haven’t already gotten mats) unless you find yourself overflowing in blades later on. (4*)

Namahage, Hawkmoon, Azar, Rudolph (Nashgar) (3*)

Zimkitha is nice for that fast cleanse and buff, Mitsuko is very unique and could make an excellent defensive hero and Elena has an incredibly high attack stat. All three deserve to go to 70 when it’s time, although I’d be choosing between Zim and Mitsy for final ascension. Depends on your priorities; Zim for the utility, or Mitsuko mostly for fun, but also defense and offensive raiding. (5*)

Blue: Kiril is maxed, that’s good, he’s amazing for Titans with the heal and dragon banner. Next, I’d get Grimm to 70 for the best pulverizer. After that, Triton for a fast blue sniper with a healing buff. Sonya for the fast dispel. Agwe, Boril and Valeria last. Honestly, I wouldn’t take any of them to 70, so I’d move onto 3* after Sonya (4*).

Valen, Gunnar, Gato and Ulmer (Karil if you eventually want to run a mono blue 3* team) (3*).

King Arthur is amazing for red Titans; definitely a lucky pull, and I’d think he’d be the most deserving of those mats. Misandra is also good, for the fast hit and mana gains; she’ll be nice for raids mostly. Aegir is pretty controversial, so I’d only take him to 70 unless you find use for him or love playing with him. Thorne doesn’t deserve the mats (5*).

Green: Max Hansel asap, he is the best 4* out. After that, you could do Kashhrek for a solid 4* tank (okay for platinum, but no higher than that), although, if you don’t value defense much at all, and don’t need anymore healers for war, I’d move him to the back of the line. Caedmon next for the fast dispel. Melendor for the deep heal and dispel (always need healers for war). Gadeirus for the buff in green and heal. Little John for that high attack stat. Gobbler only if you struggle with minions, or else leave him, Skittles and possibly Kash til last, and do 3* next instead (4*).

Mnesseus, Belith, Brienne and Berden (keep a dupe of Berden or Mnesseus if you eventually want a green mono 3* team) (3*).

Yellow: Joon is already at 4T, so might as well max him to 80 first. Inari can be worked on after the 4* and 3* (5*).

I don’t see Wu Kong, but if you happen to pull him, move him to the front of the line for Titans and events. Finish Gretel for the mana control, then Li Xiu for the mana cut on all. Chao after for a faster mana cut on one. Danza is decent if you can handle the unpredictability, so worth considering after Chao (4*).

Bane (two if you want a yellow mono 3* team), Melia, Kailani and Gan Ju (3*).

Purple: Since Khiona is already at 4T, you might as well finish her to 80 too for that buff. Quintus can wait to go to 70. I’d personally do Obakan before Quintus, but Quintus is further. Both idk if I’d take either to 80, but if I did, Obakan would be the one I’d choose. Both Quintus and Obakan shouldn’t be leveled anymore until you at least get a few more purple 4* maxed (5*).

Max Rigard for that cleanse and deep heal, then finish Tiburtus for the last pulverizer (nice to have them in every color). Sabina for the deep heal and dispel. Cyprian last, do 3* first (4*).

Balthazar (x2 if you want a purple mono 3* team), Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra (3*).

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Might have repeated a few things said already, but this is how I’d go about it. Good luck :blush:


I knew I should really tag you both.
Girls power haha
Pandah and MrsBCW you are like WiKipedia


Thank you Pandah, this is all very helpful! I like raiding the best along with events, so I’m not very fond of healers that’s why they are lower, I like Kiril but only cause I don’t have a 4* or 5* better! Just picked up Misandra so was gonna max her next so I had an all 5* team for my raids! Thank you again! All of this is great info

Also as For Wu, I’ve had him twice but ate him because I don’t like a character who counts on luck lol, I’ve heard good things, but that’s just my opinion.

I do very much appreciate the help and input, thank you to all!!!

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