Is Gobbler just feeder?

We now seem to be running into a lot of blue centers in war and he’s part of my 4* 6th team - Him, Caed, Mel and usually two blues and that team has been extremely successful against 4k+ teams because even dead the tile damage form him and mel (and I put my attack trrops on him too - so his attack is over 1000 with emblems) can blow out a center easy and usually get most or all of the rest.

Pair him with CoD and some of his family and have a good anti-minion team.

The last will be first, if you think from behind. :upside_down_face:

No, not unless you already know everything that will happen with:

  1. Hero Academy
  2. Skins
  3. Buffs that may happen in the future

Keep in mind that Gobbler has already been buffed, indicating that SGG is well aware of this problem. They are probably still aware, but are taking small incremental steps (much like they have with other heroes).

Bottom line, I’d keep at least one. Possibly two if you think you may need a duplicate to utilize some feature of the Hero Academy. As has often been said, storage space is cheap. It’s not like holding him compels you to level him. Wait and see what happens.

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Can you remind me what the buffs were? I just got him recently (like within the last 2-3 months) and nothing has happened since then so curious what they buffed beforehand.

I’m only aware of one buff:

Pre buff Gobbler: deal damage, then eat minions

Buffed Gobbler: eat all minions, then deal damage

The effect is that he now heals his allies for more since he eats all available minions, and then he deals more effective damage, since there is no remaining minion shield for the damage component of his special. This suggestion was bandied about the forum as a logical tweak to his special before it was actually implemented.

Here’s a reference thread - it looks like I noticed it on January 15th of this year, so before you obtained them.

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Thanks very much - I was thinking statistically, I wonder if this was visual or an actual change. I’ll have a read.