Is Empires & Puzzles played with mathematics?

Is Empires & Puzzles played with mathematics / statistics being driving realities
RNG makes mathematics / statistics JUST an indicative information?

I see tiers of Raid / Titan hits / War Hits / All chests being run by RNG, such that, there is no guaranty of any mats in any tiers. Elemental chests which have a fixed formula of items show no statistical logic…

What are your experiences…?

Rng is statistic hence its maths so I don’t really understand what you mean…

My experiences? I make 300k on rare 11* titan, i get NOTHING!!! Other guy makes 50k, he gets TWO 4* ascension Material :joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. I push for 1% in tournament and i get nothing AGAIN (sometimes even using 75 diamonds) , and other guy makes it in 10% and gets 50-100emblems and ascension materiales!

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RNG is a designed AI running the process for everything in the game.

Hence is any accurate statistical mapping possible of any type of items OR only an indicative possibility suggested.

Example : There are many people who claim to have got information of where to farm items… BUT it is not possible to ascertain how much of those items one will get?

Example: Despite having mathematically higher / better team, I still am not guaranteed success in any battle till the tiles show up. Hence is maths even relevant beyond just an indicative info?

xAlexGkx, you just answered what I have asked. There are many selling info about having mapped through lots of math-statistical modelling about mats one gets in all kinds of tiers,
my experience has been as described by you… about there being no specific logic to the items, boards of play & of course the most IMPORTANT summons… etc…

Everything is just indicative…

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I’m tending towards the indicative possibility suggestion…

There are many player based initiatives that provide advice based on thousands of pieces of data gathered. It’s not a claim, but based on experience. Barry’s Farming guide is just one.

In my experience there are no guarantees, just look at the possibility % of pulling legendary heros from the summonses portal. Infinitesimal :thinking:

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Not possible . Try to avoid exaggeration when getting your point across


Indicative data context guides, else I have seen people fall for these statistical info and are later disappointed, become cynical…

Hence, I put the Q out there…


I guess it’s my problem if i want to exaggerate or not mate :call_me_hand:t2:; i made my point, the game is very often NOT fair

You did make your point. By exaggerating you lessen it considerably by taking away credibility. So yeah its your problem, mate.

And the very thing that you consider as unfair in the game is the thing that gives it such longevity for most of its player base. If the RNG was less, if it was more favourable, if it was more consistent, then people would likely reach their “end-game” a lot sooner

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My own experience with RNG is that it is streaky and unpredictable.

Which actually does make it technically “random”.

The bigger question to me is: does RNG have too much influence? I personally think it does.

Even when it benefits me personally.

If I get a good enough board, I can destroy a much stronger team in a raid.

If I get a terrible board, I can’t even kill a fly with my strongest heroes.


Totally agree.

Have similar experience.

Personally, RNG makes things exciting for me. The mystery at #almost every move is fun & keeps me going…

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It is interesting for sure! But it has also made me very superstitious. Like… if I start doing raids or hitting the titan and I’m getting crappy boards, I think “oh this is the wrong time to be playing! I need to wait for RNG to shift.” LOL.

Or if I get too many good boards in a row, I start to get nervous… thinking “oh no, my luck has been too good, it’s about to turn on me, very badly, I need to quit while I’m ahead” :laughing:

I have come to believe that my board and summon luck depends on the time of day… but it’s not always the same time every day, because that would be too easy to figure out. I imagine there’s some kind of invisible wheel spinning, and you have to click the button at exactly the right moment to get the best “luck”.

LoL… early on, I used to feel similar, but now, I simply go with a good team for the particular play and have fun… irrespective of the result…

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