Apparently I am lost and should look in a book for answers

There is data is so many places, I am not quite sure where to look.

I have 15 tomes and 3 d blades. I have 17 compasses and 5 gloves.

It is likely a coincidence, but I just wanted to shout out that this game leans pretty heavy one way for me!!! What are the odds? Just curious.

Feel free to move to wherever is appropriate.

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The drop rate for 4* mats is pretty low. I don’t have numbers but it’s probably a 2% or less drop rate from a wanted chest? Slightly higher I suppose on a War chest.

However the rare quests offer a good source of guaranteed mats, they happen roughly every 10 days and cycle in a pattern


As far as the distribution, that’s not surprising. RNG is streaky by nature. I currently have 1 blade an about a dozen tomes


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