Bug or bad luck?

I play daily, but since mid level 35 to begining of level 37, when completing chess missions I got no unfarmable items of ascension. None at all. I am feeling so frustrated that i am slowing down at completing chess missions.
I know those materials are rare but from rare to non existants is way too disheartening.
Before level 35 i would get some eventually but not anymore. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong.


Rng is all you can really chalk it up to. I had a run of bad luck with compasses on my alt profile but recently it has been raining compasses. The rare quests give guaranteed ascension mats. But it is only one of each.


Thanks for your reply. I just completed a chess mission level platinium and still got no ascension item. If by level 38 i haven’t gotten any, i will rise a complain to support.
If at least one chess mission would give any, i wouldn’t think that something is wrong. As for rare missions, don’t remember what I got as it’s been a while since one appeared.
As I said, I am slowing down chess missions as rewards are as boring as futile. Now I’m in favour of completing Atlantis mode difficult. Don’t know what i do when I finish since I haven’t heard of any season 3 up coming.

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What size titans are you fighting? High level titans are a much better source of mats than platinum chests.

Are you completing all the rare quests and can you complete at least the epic level of challenge events?


I’ve been opening diamond chests for over six months, and in that time reckon I’ve got maybe 6 unfarmables. This is the way of this game, a drip feed, not a flood. So your experience doesn’t sound unusual, and isn’t a bug,

As Jonah says, high level titans are the best source of unfarmables, one every week or two easy from the tens and elevens we are killing. I had a run of five mats in a row recently

Unfortunately you need to lower your expectations regarding platinum chests, they just aren’t that reliable


sadly this game giving us less unfarmable item than 1 year ago…
I don’t know if is lack of luck but I can notice difference…
Less unfarmable item, less epic hero token…

Must be under the heading “minor bug fixes and improvements“ in the release notes because they haven’t said they are? :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t really noticed it being worse or better in that timeframe - the odds are so low that a long bad run is possible, even likely, and gives the impression or feeling that “they must have nerfed it”. They haven’t, it just started out really low to begin with


@Infinite is correct. A year ago there were just as many complaints about AM’s, chest loot, as there are now. It’s all RNG.
I was riding a nice wave of AM drops, Mystic Vision giving me Scopes, fine gloves, sturdy shields. Chests with Rings or Tonics…now I’m getting rocks and feathers, but the 1-3 gems are great…?
It comes and goes, just make sure you complete all levels of challenge events as they come. The loot improvements are encouraging.


Titans are low because at the moment I am doing a favour to a friend and staying in a low alliance. But everything else I do, except for emblems that require 4000.
It’ s just that before the last updates the rate of dropping items on chess missions was already low, but I would get some material once in a while. Now it’s emblems, gems, tokens and sometimes a low level trainer.
I guess that how they want me to play? Use emblems on already ascended and forget about new heroes?

I finally got one orb from a chess mission. I guess now I’ll have to wait for two more months but at least I know now it really is bad, bad luck.:sweat_smile:


This is my loot for the last 5 days ago. Had problems gaining anything from 3 month, and now it’s this.


I cross my fingers wishing to get your lucky strike!

I have periods in which I get nice rewards and others in which I get mostly crap (this last month for example).

The only odd thing, I noticed I tend to receive much more orbs than other ascension materials, especially hidden blades and trap tools… I have almost 30 orbs now, while just 8 hidden blades

There’s improvements in the MV loot? Apparently it’s taking awhile to work its way to me because the biggest thing I’ve ever pulled from the MV is a few.gems and emblems other then the few minor pots etc.

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@MagiConnie123 There is a topic called Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing where people get 3 star or 4 star mats and stuff from the mystic vision. It is few and far between but it is possible to get the really good stuff.

It’s entirely possible to get good stuff from MV. Just today, one of my alliance mates got an EHT from MV and pulled a Caedmon :open_mouth:. But like everything else in the game, not guaranteed. The good stuff is rare, no matter the source. You can pull an unfarmable from a Mystic Vision or a B score on a titan, then finish an elemental chest and get :poop:

Who the hell knows? RNG is a moody fudder mucker. :man_shrugging:

You can get good stuff from Mistic Vision, last month I pulled a tonic from it. And some more time ago another final ascension mat, I think it was a set of rings.
So, just keep pulling, you may have luck

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Hi, the other day MV gave me a 4 star ascencion mat out of the blue. It’s rare but it happens. Compared to the rate of dropping one of them in chess wanted missions I think it’s almost the same.
Stick to war, atlantis and colour chess completion. I think the probabily is higher.

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Oh my gosh! This is has been happening to me and thought I was just unlucky! Has anyone found a solution or noticed a difference yet?

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In August 30 I opened this threat. Since then I have gotten very few materials from chess of wanted missions… except for gloves that look like they don’t exist anymore.
If it wasn’t for that unique event that gave gloves when completing rare, epic and legendary I trully would think they are a myth.
So, please, give me at least 1 pair of gloves. I think making me wait since before August 30 is way too much.
In fact, since the begining of december I am losing interest in completing chess missions as they are ineffective to getting materials. I am competing less and less in the arena. I mean, what’s the point?
Grinding for 100 monsters at least gives you experience ans sometimes troops and food heroes. But arena chess… it gets truly boring without a proper reward.

So, is there any other way to get gloves apart from buying them and 1 single event in six months?
Please, don’t say completing missions as I have proof it’s not true for at least since before August 30 2019.
As for tournaments, please don’t joke. Unless you are among the 25% you don’t even have an allege chance of getting them.

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