Cupdropping in tournament?

Hi folks! I need to understand this.

One player I attacked during tournament had only non-leveled 1* star heroes, while he was a level 50+.
What benefit could he get by choosing a weaker defense team over a “proper” one (to his level) ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, Kenneth!

I have the same question as you do… Last month I fought this guy in a 3* Raid Tournament with 4 heavy emblemed 3* and a trainer hero - it surprised me and I took the screenshot just in case… As I see your question now I recalled and here it is…

It was in the beginning of the tournament, day 1, so I assume that he was cupdropping in order to try to be matched against weaker attackers (like me, that don´t have emblemed 3*) and thus receive a better defense grade…

What do you guys think? Can this be the case?

EDIT: I see now that your case is different as your opponent have no defense at all, so I don´t think it´s the same as I supposed…

There is no benefit in putting a weak defense. The initial opponent is based on your strongest heroes available for that tournament.


I think for this case specifically this player just doesn’t like rare events and tournaments. I can imagine that some players simply have 1 highly emblemed hero of each color to complete events and tournaments with no interest in having 5 of each color?

I would suspect that he has a Highly emblemmed blue rare hero but wasnt allowed to use it and just filled the hole as best he could?

As for the OP. I assume that matchmaking looks at your strongest possible team and not the one you actually use. I would assume this guy got no wins on defence and faced normal teams on offence. Again I am assuming that this player has no interest in competing in the 3* tournament and simply joins for the free bottom 25% loot and threw out a free win for other rather than An actual defence ( if he has that to begin with? )

I can’t see any potential gain from doing this

Edit : Sorry. This is a 5* trounament. I am guessing this player assumed he couldn’t compete and decided not to try after joining. Something like that. Again. no good reason to do this really

The very weak one seemed to not know about the new matchmaking. In the beginning it was based upon your def and you could have some strange advantages by setting up a weird def.

The one with the trainer may lack 3*, since lvl42 (is a band - lol) is a point where you already focus on epics and legends and therefore need feeders like crazy.


It seems you have the same strange jukebox in your head like me and now it’s playing “Lessons in love”.

Back to topic.

Regarding the trainer hero: was a color forbidden? Maybe he only has an emblemed rainbow 3* team.

The other one might not be up to date, yes.

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My hunch is, the “cup dropper” doesn’t participate in the tournament and free loot is free loot. A friend finished the last tournament in the top 1% and my alt finished top 50% and got better loot. :woman_shrugging:.

Probably only cares about ches fill and want to meet same kind of opponents

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I would guess in ur case he probably had 1 of each color maxed out

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He must be an altruistic player that doesn’t have heart to let the attacker lose one of his lives.