I guess most of the new players who have stepped up in the ranks have been through this:

When searching enemies it takes thousands of food meeting beatable opponentes ( I have been matched against enemy teams with 1k tp more than me) I am close to gold ranks with a team below 2.600 power. I lack the skill and resources (quality heroes and bench) to counter such difference.

Sometimes you face 1 hero team or 5 unlevelled heroes who clearly want to lose and get a cheap revenge for chest

I have some questions about this situation:

Is there a common tp range for each division?

Having 1100 cups with a 2500 tp is the common or am Ioverextending and should be more humble and lose some ranks?

Are those op enemies cupdropping or just very bad or unlucky players? Maybe inactive… It doesn’t makes sense trying to lose ranks and putting a strong team.

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Lots of cup dropping going on.

There aren’t any exact numbers for each tier, and TP is not everything (some teams can have high TP but are still easy to beat and vice versa), but if I had to make a very rough estimate:

Any team below 2000 TP is solidly bronze tier. Don’t even bother trying to get up to silver, even if you get there, you won’t stay long.

2500 TP is probably good enough to stay in silver (but not good enough to keep you in gold).

For gold, you’re going to want at least 3000 TP.

3500 with the right heroes can get you to platinum, but if your defense team doesn’t consist of the right kinds of heroes in the right order, you will have to keep raiding in order to stay there.

I believe most diamond tier players are mostly 4k+ teams (not saying that you can’t get there with a lower TP, you can, but you will probably get knocked back down every time you log off).

You are probably going to need at least a couple of final ascended 5* heroes in order to get much higher than 3600 TP.

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My alt cup drops for 1 reason and 1 reason ONLY. Its easy chest filling the fastest way possible, i ALWAYS loose way more iron and food i get in return. The cups mean NOTHING at all they do not help you at all, in other words the cups are WORTHLESS.

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NEVER ever play a butt head that puts only 1 player up. When you beat him you have WASTED your raid flag for ONLY one kill. ONLY fight someone that has all 5 up.

Good point, except under the rare and exceptional circumstance when you’ve got 39/40 on your chest, and you’ve just BARELY squeaked into the next tier of chest loot, and you’ve only got one flag left. Then these 1-hero teams are a godsend. But that’s probably rarer than summoning a Legendary so…
(p.s. this legit happened to me way back when I was trying to keep my head above-water in the gold tier)

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I remember when I was a new player and I was trying to do raids (and doing quite poorly), occasionally I would come across an opponent who was a much higher player level than me, but only had 3 heroes on their defense team (usually consisting of a riposter and at least 1 healer). Stupid me, I just looked at their TP, saw it was lower than mine, and thought “oh okay this should be easy.”


Eventually I was able to remove my head from my rear end and figure out that I was being trolled.


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