Is Costumed Domitia better than Seshat now?

@PodyMan like others said, Clarissa is underwhelming. I regret maxing her.

I got Dom costume and if I had her maxed, I’d max the costume no Brainerd but I have dupe Seshat and Jabberwock sitting 3/70.

Even still, I’m going to wait to hear more about C Dom, she’s now worth considering for me.

Definitely I’d max her before Clarissa.


It’s not just you. She was a waste of tabbards that I wish I had back.

C. Domitia is pretty impressive but I would personally rather have Seshat. I think Seshat’s minions would go well with my Freya. I believe Seshat should be featured in next month’s Atlantis. I got what I wanted from the Costume chamber this time so I will probably save my gems for now and try for Seshat next month.

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You guys pretty much convinced me not to chase Clarissa anymore, having C. Domitia in my roster. Cheers


I am quite heavy on purple with Ursena, Hel, Killhare, Kage, Seshat emblemed and I maxed Clara as well and i like her, even considering maxing a dupe down the line but maybe after Mok Arr.

Really surprised you don’t like her at all. Curious why?

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I have emblems on Seshat, Sartana, Khiona & G-panther along with c-Regard+20 and Sabrina+19. I have Dom a 3-70 with a costume hanging in the closet. I also have Clarissa @ 1-30 and rising. I have been impressed by Clar’s reviews of be a more durable admittedly les powerful GM. I have been frustrated by G Path squishiness. So do I hold those dresses for Clar or give them to Dom and send her to ball in he costume dressed to the 9’s?

I only have her at 3.70 so I haven’t been able to see her full potential—but I will say the ability to swap between the costume or original for Dispel or Cleanse depending on the team I am facing in raids/wars has been REALLY convenient. I think she will be the next dark hero I bring to 4.80, especially to get that 5% mana bonus to bring her to fast speed with my lower-level mana troops.

Reviving this thread instead of creating a new one. I hope that’s ok.

I’m closing in on finishing c. Domitia at the moment. I plan to replace Sartana with her as her stats will be a lot better and I can in addition put some emblems on her, but lack enough for Sartana.

Now, my current defense is

Lianna/GM/Heimdall/Vela/Sartana, so domitia would be on the wing. My question is, do I use the costume or not?

C. Domitia - cleanse and better stats but less % dmg on special - Her cleanse would be a bit wasted in the wing.

Domitia - dispel and higher instants special dmg but slightly worse stats. Her holy protection could discourage yellow stacks and her dispel wouldn’t be wasted.

Side note: Eventually I plan to switch Lianna but I lack yellows. Only maxed 5* is Neith and doesn’t go well on wing imo. I will level Roc as next option though, and will probably use him in place of Lianna but I lack barbarian emblems. Given that it would at least be rainbow and I gain a cleanse I think it’s worth it though

I think Domitia average mana is not a problem.
Rogue class, mana booster is at node 8 not 19 or 20.
Costume, mana bosster is 5% at 4/80
Mana troop at level 23 has already 1 tile less for firing the skill…

Very close to Seshat and replaceble in my opinion.

Akshulee :crazy_face:

@Guvnor did the math on this, and Costumed Domitia puts out a little more direct damage than OG Domitia (yet a little less than OG Dom with costume bonus), plus another 50% in DoT. The percentage used by the special is less, but it’s applied to a larger attack stat, which can be misleading at first glance.

I was lucky enough to pull her in the last costume chamber and I’m already expecting to use the costume version more often.

Guv’s post is so helpful I put a bookmark on it :wink:


Question is that while fast Seshat needs a level 29 mana troop to shave off 1 tile, what would be the minimum level/s of the mana troop to shave off 1 or 2 tiles for costumed Domitia?

Thanks! In offense I also expect to use costume more often. On my defense on the other hand, I am not sure it’s the best option as I will put her on wing…

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It only takes one troop of mana lvl 5 to activate with just 9 stones.

Seshat still hits harder all emblemen up the same dat pure attack and no mana node!! It’s not Mutch but seshat still hits harder with her special Then costumed Domitia

Yes, but your missing that poison DOT after the hit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I didn’t miss it i only calculated the hit becus that was the Point were it dit go in this conversation. But indeed calculated that in and she do more dammage Then seshat in stats Domitia costuum wins it from seshat bit that meat child of her is really big it kan take a fulle Kage wit and still lost no or a fractie from her heald.

I’m all for analyzing stats and comparing outcomes, but sometimes I find a little gut-feeling perspective also helps, especially when the stats are very close.

Seshat’s passive Mana Drain resistance has reasonable value, although Mana Drain is not as widely used as it once was. Hardly anybody’s touched on that, which I find surprising. The Elemental Link also helps in this respect. It’s just a little bit of versatility in Seshat’s favour.

Also, I feel like Seshat’s sniper/Pierce/Dispel combo just works that little bit better together than does Domitia [Steampunk] with just sniper/Pierce. In particular, when I am cornered by Counter, there’s a 1 in 4 chance that Seshat can fix that situation without a scratch. The chances are not great, but it’s better than Domitia’s 0% chance, or Steampunk’s lack of dispel. 99% of the time, if I have Seshat, I also have Rigard anyway.

All in all, even though I have both and both have emblems, I pretty consistently choose Seshat.


While i agree that there is more flexibility in the troop choice for Seshat, i don’t really think that’s a big issue.

Domitia would already be using the mana troop regardless solely for increasing her DoT as much as possible. I’ve seen CDomitia’s doing 500+ DoT to 3 enemy heroes with the emblem and troop bonuses.

She already has beefier stats than Seshat so i don’t think i would ever give her a crit troop to begin with.