Is Bera worth levelling if I already have Freya at 4-80?

Is it worth having two minion summoners levelled in the same colour?

I would only ever put one on my defence, as i wouldn’t want to double up on purples in the same team.

Would they be good together on attack?

I haven’t found as many uses for Freya as I thought I would. I have been super lucky with purple heroes, they are by far my best colour (hence so many of them having emblems), so she mainly runs on my second purple team when needed in wars (not needed all that often).

Current levelled purples teams are:

Kageburado+18, Clarissa+18, Ursena+18, C. Rigard+19, Seshat+18

Victor+18, Freya, G. Panther, Proteus +19, C.Rigard

My other option for tabbards would be Costume Domitia.

Would really welcome thoughts from people who have used both Freya and Bera together!

My 2¢

They’re in the same family, (and a brutal one at that) so yes

Freya really shines when paired with other minion heroes, so Bera would work wonderfully in that - especially if you regularly stack colors [offensively]. Imo, it’d actually be favorable [to me] having em both the same color - as it’d be easier to regularly incorporate em both (as I run 3-2 or mono). They both [essentially] work as great pseudo-healers (especially Freya), so using em together [as such] could be enough coverage [for supportive purposes]. Pair em with Seshat, and then you’ve also got minion-snipe coverage, as well.

Defensively, you could - theoretically - place both on defense [together] as long as you had a solid holy 5* hero to tank (like Guinevere, or Onatel, Justice, etc). Then, you’ve just gotta space em out properly (to at least opposite flanks).

If you’re choosing one or the other [defensively], well then, they both shine in just about any position (although, think Bera works best @ tank, and Freya @ flank). So would depend on your other heroes.

So in All

If I were you, I’d choose to max Bera over C. Domitia - no doubt. Owning Freya makes that decision even more clear. Seshat successfully covers 1/2 of what C. Domitia does, and Bera/C. Rigard covers the rest - so really, idk why you’d even go the other way (except maybe class/emblems?)

To be clear:

I do not own neither Freya, nor Bera; the only experience I’ve had [with these heroes] has been thru Beta, and fighting them on various defensive setups.


They’re both vanaheim as well, so you’ll have twice the mana cut at crucial times when they die

yes x1000. they work so well together, they can be brutal on a defence team

I have Bera and thus constantly sit on 6 tabbards, to be prepared if Freya would someday miraculously fly with her ravens into my roster.

Wormwood have some excellent videos on youtube how strong these two are in stack. Their like heavy-duty machine gun. Check them out.

I have Freya on max and would max Bera if she appeared (especially because I have Freya). Maybe a good purple alternative would make me reconsider, but definitely not C Domitia.

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I’d max both too, if i had them and spared mats as well.

I have both emblemed to 19 & they are far and away my favorite tandem. However they can be easily beaten by grimble and similar minion killers.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

To make decisions more complicated, I pulled Onyx in the ninja portal today.

Does this change the advice?

Same as me. I did a poll and the majority says to bard onyx. I guess it depends on whether you value debuffing or minions now

Tough choice, before pulling Onyx I would have said absolutely level Bera. I have both Bera +16 and Onyx +10 and they’re both great.

I know it’s a lame answer, but it really depends on what you need at this point. For me Bera gets more use because she’s in my defense team, but Onyx can be invaluable with his dispell and block. Especially with the increasing prevalence of teams running multiple minion summoners and taunt.

I run Onyx with Skadi and a quick single charge hit from Onyx blocks Krampus from casting taunt, but still allows him to summon minions for Skadi to eat. Same against BK teams with a fast summoner (Freya/Bera even average speed Tell) a single charge dispells taunt, but still leaves minions for Skadi. And forget about the rare occurrence of a Onyx triple charge with a Cobalt triple charge, just had my 2nd occurrence ever.

In that case, I’d go with Onyx first. Freya will have to buff her own minions for a while :smiley:


Between Onyx and Bera, point of consideration is the availability of emblems and playstyle. If you want minion madness, then Bera would be the one to be ascended. But if you want a solid hitter, Onyx would be the best choice.

I’ve seen some of the defenses in top100 global has used Bera and Freya as double tank in the Double formation.

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