Hel or Freya

I just got a 6th tabard and can level a 5 star purple. I have Ursena, Kageburado, Clarissa and Rigard all fully leveled and on my mono purple team. Trying to decide between Hel and Freya for the 5th member.

My minion team consists of Freya (3/70), Buddy (Maxed), Glenda (maxed), Puss in boots (maxed), Uraeus (3/70) or Inari (3/70).

Hel, without a doubt. Her special attack is one of the best abilities in the game.


Its hard choice, both are great heroes if you have emblems for one of them I would max emblemable one first but if have/don’t have emblems for both I woukd probably max Hel first


Only have a few emblems for both. My Druid emblems are on Kaidien (costume). My wizard emblems are on Glenda.

Hel, freya is more defense oriented whereas hel is useful everywhere

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I posted a similar question a few weeks ago, and the unanimous decision is Hel, so that is who I would advise for you as well. Like most other comments will share, her special is second to none and if you can get a mana troop on her, she could consistently fire in 6-8 tiles.

I have a level 17 mana troop that I can use with her. Trying to decide if i even wanna try to take troops to 21.

She will work great in your purple stack. I am currently working up to 4/80 to replace Obakan and team her up with Jabberwock, Seshat, C. Rigard & Clarissa.

I’d remove the emblems from Glenda and give them to Hel. She is one of the best heroes in the game. Glenda is just okay.

P.S. You need level 23 mana troops for average heroes, but it’s worth it.

So I’ve have both, i got “early” in my game…she amazing my go too especially with emblems. I just got and maxed freya… her combo with bera is amazing. On there her own I would choose hel, if you have bera I would suggest Freya.

Hel is more versatile and will serve you during seasons, quests (challenges and notably triple boss levels), offense, defense and even titan battles. Freya is great but not nearly as versatile. Do Hel first then Freya if something better won’t show up when you complete next AM set.


I suppose if you have a maxed Proteus or two, fully emblemed, the choice might be closer, but as I’ve said on other threads: the answer is always Hel. However Freya is also great. It’s well up there in the list of “nicer problems to have”. Dead jealous because I don’t have either.

Raid formations are coming back!
And if they remain unchanged
Hel is wonderfully OP
vs either double formation

Don’t have Hel, but I do have Freya and she is amazing. She is actually incredibly versatile. She’s in my main attack team, map auto farm, S3 map completed normal and hard mode, defense works in literally every position, great for ninja tower, legends and quests/ events. In the current minion meta, she’s unique because she buffs even the most tiny ones and makes them hit like demons. NO other hero buffs up other minions. Not to mention her base stats are almost 30 points more than Hel.

Not saying Hel isn’t a great hero. But she hasn’t given me trouble in enemy teams for a long time now. Maybe if she gets a costume, she’ll be a force again. Freya on the other hand, I target to take out early.

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But Hel isn’t best used on defence. She’s best for shutting down enemy mana and that means targeting.


tim 5
I have two Hel and Freya (currently working on second), they are both awesome.
Although Hel is a bit old hero, and her stats are not so great, she is awesome for attacking teams. Her special skill is unique and very useful. She is a bit squishy without emblems, so if you dont have wizard emblems for her, you might go with Freya first.
Freya is extraordinary both on attack and defense, she is also great for autofarming team. Her minions hit pretty hard, and are great protection to all other heroes.

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Hel if:

  • you lack aggresive heroes for raids and wars
  • your raid style is 3-2
  • you struggle with Rush tournaments
  • you have trouble finishing quests/events (note she ain’t that good for Ninja tower)

Freya if:

  • you lack purple supports or look for a purple to put in your defense
  • you struggle with Bloody tournaments
  • you have Bera or any other minion maker to pair her with offensively
  • you want to increase your titan score

I have both and swap them depending on the circumstances.


So I ended up going with Hel. Since she is a wizard and will need emblems, who do I take them off?

I have Kiril maxed, Isarnia at 11 and Glenda at 11 also.

I personally reserve emblems for access to 6* heroes
(5* only…)

My main issue with Glenda is timing. She is great for use with hit-all damage support, if she charges before and the other hero charges soon enough after to still has the buff… in other words, she is effective about half the time I use her.
With Isarnia, she works well yeah?

All things considered, Kiril?

You should contemplate who you use least of the three

If it were me, I would probably end up draining all 3 for Hel

Take them off BOTH Glenda and Isarnia and max Hel!

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