Bera or Freya first?

My luck is in this time, pulled Bera AND Freya! I have 8 tabards… who should get levelled first?

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I don’t have Freya but I do have Bera right now at 3-45. It’s a long grind but I should have her at 3-70 by the time farholme comes and get my damascus to level her. At 3-45 her poison is 141/3 turns.

The thing is, I just slow-moed a battle and I had 2 enemy heroes left (Joon and Seshat). I had 7 moths that hit Joon 4 times and Seshat 3 times. The 4 moth hits on Joon (double damage) was 118 on one turn plus the 55 poison damage for that turn = 173. Seshat was weaker probably because purple to purple with only 30 damage from 3 moth hits plus the 55 poison damage for that turn.

Everyone rightly looks at Bera’s poison DOT, but when you have 3 moths per ally and/or few enemy heroes left, those moth bites do more damage than her poison DOT!

I’d love to have Freya to add attack to Bera’s minions but even if I did, I would level Bera first!


Very useful, thanks @dez82

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I find Freya better due to 30% defense on top of minions. Makes heroes like Vela, Telluria hit like paper. Gives your team more chance to survive. Poison dot likely wont save you or kill the opponent. It requires your other heroes to cast as well.


To me it depends on what you have. Bera can stand alone as a minion summoner due to the poison damage where Freya is more dependent on having another summoner in your party for the attack boost. Personally I would rather have Freya to pair with Telly on my defense team. I have Bera and will max her out because I a lot of Telly tanks. I’ve also faced a few Telly/Freya combos and Bera will be a nice counter for them.

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@LuvBiscuit22 useful, thank you

Bera has more powerful butterflies than Freya, and altogether she is above Freya.
For me Bera is a bit superior to Freya at least the numbers show it.

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Freya provides + 30% defense to all allies, so it’s more valuable than minion status. By the way, if you have + 30% defense, your minions will not die even with Skadi’s special skill. Bera’s minions are Skadi’s prey.

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Thanks for your help @Sapu, do you have the translation please?



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I don’t have either, want both. Have Noor, but she desperately needs a friend.
My take is it depends on what you want to use the hero for. PVE and raiding against non-summoners I would say Freya. If you find you struggle against summoners then Bera. The minions are equivalent but Freya’s special is better for most purposes unless you specifically want to target summoners. Freya’s special also gets stronger if she casts twice and the original minion is still alive, or if you combine her with any other minions


I have the same decision to make. Freya or Bera.
I got Freya very early in the game. May be the first time S3 came up, dunno. Brought her up to 2/60 and I used her everywhere. She is now at 3/70 and I still use her in my Purple mono team. She is doing better than a Sabina +7 in this setup: Kage+8, C.rigs+8, C.tibs+7, Proteus+7, Freya3/70.

I have a Bera that I am leveling atm. She is at 3/19. Will try both at 3/70 and see.
But my first impression is that Freya will be more useful all around. Her synergy with other summoners is great. She even synergies with herself. She is a Farming Queen. At fast speed and with defense buff, it is easy to get 15 minions on your team. They are like a machine gun together.

Want to use Freya, Noor and LotL in the same team for auto farming in the future.


I wish i got Freya and if and when I do, i’ll level her up as quick as I can. That said, I have Bera maxed at a +6 node. Legendary was for Fables of Grimforest was a breeze because of Bera. Blocking PIB and Red Hood minions was FIRE!

I think Freya is more serviceable but with this event quest just ending, we may see an influx of heroes like Puss in Boots and Red Hood who summon minions.

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Any more info as to the rest of your roster? Any potential synergies? What other purple 5*s do you have and what other minion heroes do you have?

I’ve had Freya at 3/70 for a while and pulled Bera when she was released last month.

If we look at the heroes individually, I think Bera is potentially a better offensive hero to use against Telluria (or other minion) defense teams. However, keep in mind that many people are moving away from using Telluria tank. I think Freya is a better defense team hero due to her +30% def up.

Regarding which to max first, I would probably do Freya if you have other minion heroes to use with her. If you have Victor maxed, then maybe do Bera first. I have 14 tabards and just gave 6 to Clarissa today. My plan is to max Clarissa first, then bring Bera to 3/70 before I decide whether to max Freya or Bera first (or see what else comes along).

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@B1gHeadAss very useful thanks. I have LOTL, Telly, MN, all minion heroes maxed, along with an unpromoted Noor. Have KAGE, C. Sartana, and Grimble in purple, all maxed.

Bera is a little above Freya

I would say Bera is better in 2 scenarios - on defense or if you are facing off against summoners in either PVE or PVP.

Mind you my experience in regards to a Bera and Freya on defense is with my team of Gefjon and Noor, who obliterate Freya. Bera puts up a bit more of a fight. Assuming an attacking team with no summoners Freya may have the edge, but I don’t know the split of attackers with summoners vs non summoners

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Bera, she has much more utility. On defense she is heads and shoulders above freya,
as her 30% talent to withstand, and her race ability to drop mana are both potentially devastating. On offense she is a real killer of minion based teams,
and strategy should be to get them summoned asap

I have no issues holding top100 with her at tank and a couple of nasty support damage such as frigg and findlay.

People underrate her butterflies. Those monsters block all other summoners from summoning their own minions, has an ok poison dot 270 over 3 at emblem 20, plus all those minions are doing decent damage: we are talking 200 points per round nonstop while she is up.

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