Bera, freya or lepiota for tabards

Have sartana, seshat, marie theresa, dr moreau, grimble, and several others at 4/80 already

Also have Aeron :-/, clarissa, khiona, and quintus at 4/80

I’d put Bera first…she is a great asset on both offense and defense. Same can be said of Freya too, amazing hero. I’d love Lepiota, amazing in raids but not ideal on defense. Good news is they are all three fantastic.

If you want to build a mono purple offense team, I would go with lepiota because she is more fun to play. If you want to strength your defense team, you should level Bera first. Since you already have some pretty good purple defensive hero, such as Seshat and Dr. Moreau, I would prefer to level lepiota first.

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