Is Baldur worth the rings? Or Kong? Or Red Hood? Or Noor?

I also have C.Azlar and G.Kong (and Redhood /Noor). Will also give a try for the pirate guy soon but chance will be low af since I’m not going to spend much gem for it cause I got Finley earlier. Who is better choice here for war offense?

Other red maxed:


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I would probly say kong out of the 5 you’re lookin at

I wouldnt advise maxing any slows

Especially if you play mono


Either GKong or Red Hood.
Have both but actually use hood more


Guy in my alliance has Red Hood and LOVES her, uses her for everything from the sound of it.


I’d say Kong since his buff. He can now cleanse and does pretty gnarly damage at average speed. The cleanse is really useful against Telly and DOT heros.

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So perhaps Kong or Redhood if I don’t pull red pirate, thought Baldur could be a thing but maybe mediocre after all.

@Disposable @PM229 I like Hood too especially her look lol, I have not used her before and not sure how good is her fox minion, she is doing 131% which is small amount compare to Kong, the fox minion only recovers 7% a turn and are easy to kill when I face her, also a ranger class which is not getting emblems anytime soon there is just too many others rangers there before her. In the other hand, I have Gm at 20 earlier working on Malosi now and can sure spare some emblems for Kong for his defense. She does have higher defense than Kong which helps her stay alive longer. Well I could be wrong but in general I don’t see her doing that much.

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That sounds like it’s probably a fair assessment, I just hear my teammate rave about her a lot.

Don’t own her and never used her myself.

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I have both Red Hood and Kong maxed (Kong at +19) and really like and use them both. Red Hood used to be a staple on my event team, those minions really help keep your team alive! But since I got Heimdall, I don’t use her as much anymore. She is on my 2nd red team for Wars, (BT+20, Wilbur+20, Elena, Marj+10 and Kong +19 are my 1st team).

Hard to choose, and I think they are both good heroes, especially Kong after the buff, but I guess it comes down to your needs. Do you need someone who can help keep your team alive, or someone who hits like a truck?

This is the $100,000 question, always.

For me, I have Red Hood+9 (took the mana node and def/HP route). Something I think people continually forget about her foxes is they resist mana reduction, which will only be more relevant the more that Vanaheim heroes are used (reduce enemies mana upon death).

An additional benefit with the fox minion is that it’s an endless HoT and not a buff or one time boost, so it “stacks” on top of any HoT you already have active.

Another member of my alliance has her as well and while I was having an existential crisis over whether to take her off my war defense he said “but Red Hood is life” and she has been for me since the day she came into my world.

You said it’s for war offense, so it goes back to the question posed by @AnomanderRick - I felt I needed to give my perspective on Red Hood, since she’s been a supremely protective Swiss army knife for me.

I leveled Kong after the buff and have really enjoyed using him a lot. Especially paired with G. Falcon. His high attack stat and hit all along with his new cleanse ability have made him a mainstay in my red stacks. Definitely worth a set of rings.


In my honest opinion, I would go with Guardian Kong or Red Hood.
I have Red Hood at +7 and she sat in my defence team until I got JC to +7
Red Hood will serve you well in both war and raids particularly if you stack her with other minion throwers like Telluria
Whichever hero you choose good luck

No love for Baldur? He is getting a buff soon after all. One of the highest red tile damage, only second to elena. The base damage he’s getting ensures that he can be an attacking threat, the increase damage of his random attack makes him a weaker Margaret but he fires everytime if he has boosted health. He also functions as a survivor type of hero, especially in war. Like Morgan le fay at the wings, he can hold out for quite some time if you don’t have the right heroes to deal with him. If you don’t have MLF, he is an alternative to stalling.

Kong even if you do pull Kestrel - not even close!

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He’s still sat unleveled on my bench.

Interesting concept but I don’t see that changing even with the buff.

Meanwhile I have two Kong’s maxed and use them both regularly.