Aeron vs 2nd Sartana

I am getting to the point where I’m thinking of leveling my second 5* dark character (6th tabard today :wink: ). I already have Sartana at 4/80+3 and she is doing great job :wink: I also have another Sartana (1/1 now), Domitia at 3/70, Aeron at 3/70, and yet another Domitia at 1/1.
Already have maxed Vivica (4/80+3) but no other 5* healers.
Aeron kinda does the job, and I do take him to raids, but overall at 3/70 does not look like “must have”. Also, being a monk he’s behind Wu and Wilbur in line for emblems. But he is a healer.
Sartana is one of greatest snipers in the game, and having 2nd one would be great for wars, maybe for some raiding scenarios.
Or just wait and hope for Seshat?

I’d go with variety. Aeron is pretty good…he drops a nice lifesaving ailment resist.


Wait and see how you go with Seshat I reckon

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Aeron. Healers are hard to come by

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+1 for Aeron, one of the best dark legends imo due to his HoT, cleansing and ailment blocking.

Great support for dark stacks and an excellent flank for a holy tank.

Met him once during a field aid war and stacked my 2nd holy team. He was already alone, but I couldn’t take him down.

+1 aeron
He is an amazing hero. Srtana 2 will wait for her turn…

Variety first imo, unless variety sucks.

Wait and see if you draw Seshat next month if you’re p2p. Unless you have 12 or more tabards.

If you have 12 tabards, or are f2p/c2p… remember no guarantee you’ll get the HOTM. So in that case I’d say go ahead with Aeron. He’s a good support hero, worth doing before duplicates.

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