Individual elemental summon better than 10x summon?

I have 2800 gems and I need a blue hero, preferably Grimm or a 5*. But I also could use a better green hero.
So I’m thinking whether I should do a 10x elemental summon on blue, or do individual summons on blue.

I think elemental 10x pulls are not a good deal, giving only one extra summon plus 100 gems, as compared to 10 individual summons. If I go with individual summons, I can actually stop pulling if I get what I need early on, and spend the rest on green summons.

In general, it seems that elemental 10x summons are a bad deal, because they rob you of the possibility of stopping and investing in something else. What do you think?

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Same as you.
Not easy to decide if you want to do 10x and have an extra pull or try your luck and see if you can save some gems getting what you want first.

Personally maybe i’ll go for single ones, as 10x pulls aren’t very lucky in my opinion lately.

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Chances to get “Grimm or a 5*” on a 10x summon are 25% (or around that), so you’d actually be lucky to get what you want with a 10x pull.

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Yeah, for a 10x pull, I estimate 25-30% to get what I want. Assuming the chance of pulling a 5* is 3%:
1 - 0.97^10 = 0.26 to get at least one 5*. Add to that the chance of pulling Grimm across all pulls, say 4% (which I’m not gonna calculate), it’s about 30%.

If I do 9 individual summons instead, that would be 1 - 0.97^9 = 0.24 plus 0.04 for Grimm = 28%.
The difference between the 10x pull and individual pull is only 2% in this case. So if I do individual pulls, I trade a 2% chance increase to get what I want for the possibility to save some gems for green pulls. Seems reasonable.

May the RNG gods honor my math :wink:

Update: The chance of pulling Grimm in a 10x pull is probably higher than I thought, assuming a 15% chance of pulling a 4* and that the 4 blue 4* heroes have equal probability: 1 - (1 - 0.15 / 4)^10 = 0.32 = 32%

So in a 10x pull, I have 26% (to pull at least one 5*) + 32% (to pull Grimm) = 58% chance to get what I want.

Update 2: I guess I got that slightly wrong. It’s more like 1 - (1 - (0.0375 + 0.03))^10 = 0.5 = 50%


If your math is correct, then you ought to do the 1 x summons and take your chances. I always do 10 x summons and nearly always elemental unless there is an event summons. I’ve cut way back on the epic hero summons since I got my level 20 training grounds going though.

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I think the more important question is what does it do for your chances of winning the Hero of the Month. If you buy the 10X do you get 10 chances for the HotM? Or do you get just the one for the single purchase?

You get 10 chances…

I got Grimm which makes me happy but doesn’t say anything about the math, obviously :slight_smile:

Usually it takes more than 10 summons to get what you want. If you are satisfied with a 4* then it might be better to do 2x5 on different colors, if the first 5 gave what you wanted.

What you choose in the end? :slightly_smiling_face:

I decided to do a 10x pull on blue, because in the meantime I’ve gotten a green hero (Skittles, for the better or worse). Green seems a little underwhelming anyways (aside from Lianna).

I don’t aim for 5* when summoning, the ROI is just too bad imho. Saves me some frustration I guess. :wink:

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