Which way should I spend gems? Summon Troops, Elemental summons, other?

So far I’ve done 2x event summons since I’ve started playing. I’ve gotten some heroes I’m happy with, however the highest nature hero I’ve recieved is a 3* (I’ve maxed out carver and friar tuck).

My stronghold is 20 now, and research is underway in my one tc which has made it to 20 so far. I’m willing to wait until the training camp produces results… So my plan was to actually do a 10x summon on elite troops. I have just over 3200 gems so since I’m really lacking in 4* troops I thought this would be the best use, as I could try a second time if necessary.

Now that there’s a 5* healer as the hotm, I’m not sure if I should do a nature elemental 10x instead though. The chance at Delilah really makes me lean more towards the risk of poor rewards and not having great troops… But should it?

I get that hotm is definitely not a high chance of occurring, so should I rely on the training camp and be patient? Thanks in advance for any advice.

If you have shields and/or tonics, I’d say got for the elemental hero pull. Keep in mind you might get only 3* troops rolling for them, so it’s still a crap shoot.

Good luck which ever you go! I’m hoping to get this hotm too once the event starts next week.


Here’s a quick card to help you determine which Elemental hero(es) you might want to go for, depending on your existing ascension materials:



Also be forewarned, troop pulls are not that great either. Last time I discussed it a 4* troop -seemed- to be around 1 out of 10. It’s cheaper, but it doesn’t make as great of an effect on your team as a 4 or 5* hero would. I’d stick with a green elemental pull. Good luck!


Troops are less important than heroes, and troop tokens drop frequently enough that I wouldn’t use gems to pull troops. Personally, I’m saving for the Guardians event summon since Panther, Jackal, and Falcon are all very strong. Doing a green elemental pull would also be valuable if that is your weak color since most of the green 4* and 5* heroes are solid.


Do the green pull.
Troops will arrive with tokens.


Just wondering why didn’t you bankrupt a few days ago since you need green!
Zeline would be a really great hero for you. Even more, if done with green elemental there would even be a chance to get 2 excellent green heroes

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I’m with @havok333 and @Elpis on this. I feel you have a glaring green-coloured hole in your team and your gems would be well spent on trying to fill it via Elemental pull on Green. HOTM is a crap shoot (as is Elemental summon to be honest) but at least Elemental is a crap shoot that is more likely to yield you a green 4* instead of some other 4* that would leave you still weak on green.

I wouldn’t concentrate it all on troop pulls while you still have the need to shore up your greens.

Great going to be close to getting your first TC20… hope that starts producing results for you (but be patient… it’s not going to happen anywhere near immediately. Another on my alliance is on something like 17 straight 3* from her TC20 and I’m on 7… so don’t go expecting those 4s and 5s to start flowing).


As for why I go for zeline, Booth my wife and I play. Before I got her started I played the game for a week straight, and only after that week did I decide it was a game I was going to stick with and invest some money into. For any game I’m willing to part with 60 dollars, even just a free app because of I like it they deserve credit for that.

The wife and I have spent 140 dollars, and while she’s blown through her gems I’ve been trying to find the best way to use mine. I ended up spending a good portion expediting to tc20, because with a one year old we can’t spend more. (and if for some reason we could afford to I honestly would probably still be paying a particular mmo instead lol)

Zeline is good but the chance at her with what gems I have left isn’t worth it. And if I did get her and a good green draw then who would I pick? Delilah is kinda just a nice coincidence since I still need a good green, and making me wonder whether my patience is worth it…

I get that troops don’t affect the game as much but I’ve already gotten all the outposts so the regular stages aren’t my concern. Getting a 5* team is a priority but it can be worked towards, in the time I’ve been playing I’ve recieved less than 10 troop tokens. I don’t see how viable I can be even with 5* heroes in higher level raids and alliance wars of I don’t get better troops…

But I’ll wait for the green elemental and try that. I’ll return with the results when I get them. Thanks again for all the feedback



To the original poster:

Personally, I would do x1 pull on green elemental summons, if you get the green hero you want ( I am still missing Caedmon personally ) you can stop and save the rest for Guardians.

Falcon is a tanky red ( higher defense stat than 5* red Ares HotM ) while Jackal is a powerful glass cannon ( higher attack stat than most yellow except Musashi 5* yellow HotM )

Ugh. I hate the current price/ number of pulls on the x10, wish they would offer a better discount or a small number of pulls, say a x3 pull for 15% off.


That’s also a very fair strategy. I am biased towards event summons since the only regular 4* I’m missing is Boldtusk, and I’ve got a TC20 running 24/7. I still don’t have a red or purple 5*, but I’ve decided just to wait for TC20 or a random token to come through for me.

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To me the best way to spend gems is to perform event-summons while also aiming for a good HOTM.
10x pulls or single depending on how many event heroes you already have.


In case any were wondering (and because I said I would share) I did that 10x nature pull. I got :

1 lianna
1 elkanan
2 brienne
3 friar tuck
2 belith
1 berden
1 carver
1 isshtak

But no hotm =S

Still glad I got lianna so thanks again for the feedback. Happy hunting all


I’m still hoping to get Lianna! Congrats. All the green 3* beginning with B are keepers.


Wowsers, congrats on Lianna and Elk. You give me hope.

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That’s a great pull, 2 5*!

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Congrats @NitrousOxide! That is a seriously awesome pull. You should be pumped. I have Lianna as well, and can confirm she is as good as people say. Thanks for the great post. Take care!

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I was kind of talked out of a 10 pull on another post but reading this makes me want to try it.

Now can someone advise me what color I should go for? Here are my heros. None are maxed, still new so getting there.

Natalya, BT, Kelili, and guardian falcon is my red currently
Kiril, Boril, Karil - blue
Joon, Li, Hu (4* panda) - yellow
Melandor, Caed, Skittleskull, Berden - green
Obakan, Rigard, Tiburtius, Prisca - purple


Nice collection of healers. + Boril I bet you can go far up on the map without items.

Unless you are looking for a full rainbow 5* team, I’d go yellow and hope for Wu (Titan damage boost).

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Still working on the strategic part of the game. Having fun along the way though.

Learning that these slow specials are almost not worth waiting for and on a defensive team probably a bad idea.

Although my defense seems to hold down the fort should I get raided.

D team currently is


Thinking about swapping BT for Nat and Mel for Caed when I get them level up more. Unless I get something better.

Kiril for Boril could be a possibility there as well when I get him going.

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