First time trying to do a 10 pull..Which even to use it?

I have none of the hotm or event heroes. I finally saved enough for a 10. Is the current event worth it or should I hold for a different one?

Congrats on saving enough gems for a 10 pull! They’re great fun to anticipate, but can be disappointing if the RNG gods aren’t with you.

Hmm, you don’t mention how long you’ve been playing, or if you have any 5s or even a lot of 4s, and those answers would make a difference in whether to pull for events.

My base suggestion either way is to wait - if you’re new/underpowered, you should pull missing colors from Elemental draws (with the 2.5% chance of a 5*), and if you’ve got a lot of heros you should save a bit more and pull from Atlantis, or pick the best event for best heros (e.g., Guardians or Knights, possibly Grimforest).

GL on your draws! :smile:

Hi there! Thanks for the input! I have been playing for a little over a year and to give you an idea of what I’m working with I’m including some pics.

I guess the question is are there particular heroes from events or hotm I should about to get as highest priority?

You have a great start with great heroes.

I think you should try Wonderland— but only because the heroes are FUN.

Sure you could get Red Queen or Kunchen… but the other heroes are fun, if not a little niche-like.

Fun should be why you play, because if you play for power and for collection purposes… you will be disappointed more often.

EDIT But YES… like @Greywing said, don’t count your pulls before you draw because you could get 9 Berden and 1 Ulmer.

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I’d wait for Atlantis or Avalon personally. Or even Guardians for some Titan help

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