Summon chances

If you save daily summons and pull 10 like the 3600 gem pack, do you chances increase for a 3 star???

Short answer : no

The per-pull probabilities don’t change no matter how many pulls you do at a time. Each of those 10 pulls has exactly the same probabilities as doing a single pull.


For a specific 3 star hero? No.

But if you do an epic/elemental/event/seasonal summon, you’re gonna be guaranteed at least 3* heroes lol. If you’re really in need of 3*s then do one of these summons. Elemental one is great because it gives you specifically the color you’re looking for.

Never do a regular 10 pull summon, that one sucks. If you need heroes to feed that badly then use your training camps and grind good ol’ S1 8-7 for recruits (during Atlantis Rises, either S2 6-9 or S2 15-9 depending on your team strength).


I know you’re being tongue in cheek here. But so as to avoid confusion: it’s very, very likely. But not guaranteed


I was just wondering if save them gave u a better chance but I got 210 gems so saving up for element summon!!! Ty

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The only thing it does is make it cheaper. But they are still very pricey, and the probabilities are very low.

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