Suggestion about 10 Pull (Seasonal(Xmas) or Event?

I have 3 tokens and 2600 diamonds waiting to do the 10 pull. Any suggestions which pull should I make?
I need yellow and green 5*

Do I do the seasonal summon? Or the event pull?

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

I’m kind of in the same boat. I don’t really care about collecting, just want the best bang for buck. On that basis it appears the chance of getting a 4/5* is slightly better through event.

Also, I think the event 4/5* are better than the seasonal counterparts. Buddy and Santa look good but North not so much. Granted I admit bias against slow mana and revive.


Avalon is worth it 100%.

You can try your luck with tokens on seasonal. But I’d deffinitely do an event summon.

MN is awesome but yes, better summon avalon, you have chance for guin(yellow 5*) and morgan(green 5*) good luck :wink:

Do Avalon. You are over 1.5 times as likely to pull a 5* from Avalon than from the seasonal summons.

Let me warn you, though. No matter what you choose, a single 10-pull is more likely to give you a hand full of 3* and a couple of 4* than anything else. Don’t get too disappointed if this happens.

You’ll have:

13% chance of getting Evelyn. That’s the same chance as flipping a coin 3 times and getting 3 heads in a row. So it doesn’t happen all that often. But it does happen.

23% chance of getting a non-Evelyn 5*. That’s about the same chance as flipping a coin 2 times and getting 2 heads in a row.

95% chance of getting at least one 4* hero of some type.

Whatever you decide, good luck to you!


I’d wait for Atlantis. Larger number of great heroes, plus the bonus ascension chests. I think you’re more likely to be happy with your summons.


I’d totally agree if the OP hadn’t asked for yellow and green. The only Atlantis yellow/green of interest is Tarlak (and mabey Gaderius).

Honestly, saving up for Grimm Forest is the best bet for yellow and green (Hansel and Gretel). But February is a long ways away.

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@ [Garanwyn]

Thank you for the odds. The Avalon is nice, because of Guin. She is the best yellow no doubt. I’m still wondering of it is not the better idea to have 2x10 pull, but I have to wait maybe till the end of xmas event to have the diamonds.

The Atlantis summon does not have good heroes for now. Maybe Missandra and Tarlak.

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Guin is good yellow as a tank but definetly not “the best yellow”

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I’d be interested to hear who you think is the best yellow, and why. Guin is the best tank by far, but she is a one trick pony

IMHO the best 5* yellow was delila, she is good on defense, events and raids, Joon is good everywhere, that why Guin wasn’t best 5* yellow she is certainly for defense


I can see your point for sure

I guess there’s two ways to think about it: doing 2x10 pulls absolutely increases your chances of getting something nice. But the chances of getting a top hero like Guin are still quite low even at 2x10.

The golden rule for games like this is “only spend money you don’t mind losing.” That way, if you end up with unlucky pulls, you won’t be too upset. If you can afford a 2x10 pull, go for it. You might get lucky. If you’d be stretching your budget to do it though, you’re better off just doing 1x10 pull.

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Let’s update what i did.

I did the 10 pull on Avalon event summon. Hoping to get Guin or Evelyn

Looted: 2x Merilin, 1x WuKong, 1x Sabina , rest are 3* heroes

Also did 1 Free token summon on the Seasonal summon, and got 3* hero

This is my 3th 10 pull, and I still did not loot a 5* hero.
Playing 2 years, still cannot get decent 5* yellow or purple. :slight_smile:

You actually did modestly better than average. Merlin is a very strong 4* at least and Wu Kong is well loved too. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get one of the 5* you were hoping for. That was always the most likely outcome, but you might have gotten lucky. Hang in there. TC20 is your friend (Joon and Vivica are both pretty sweet as yellow 5*).

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@ Garanwyn

Yes, by far this is the best loot from the 10 pull I did.
Merilin is nice yes. I actually play for 2 years and did not had my hands on Wu, so it’s a nice loot.

At the moment I’m going for 3x TC20 and for about year I have looted (2x Obakan, 2x Horghall, 2x Isarnia, Sartana, Marjana, Magni, Elena) Would be actually happy to get my hands on Vivica.

Horghall is definitely not worth all the materials for asc.

Maybe I will do another pull on the Atlantis or the season summon.

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I heard that buddy is good but santa? Is he really good? I also thought that Mother North is great, maybe the greatest if them all?

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