Inari or Sif?

Hello. I don’t know which one to pick when fated summon refreshes. Both holy, both rogue. I’m leaning towards Inari because I like hit all heroes. Counterattack is also very useful. Which one would you pick or why? Share your experience if you have one or both of them. Thanks and happy gaming :slight_smile:

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I only have Inari. Her hit is nice for finishing off weakened foes. If you are OK with “rolling the dice” for her dodge, over Sif’s relative predictability, she can give you a big boost - I love when the whole party dodges an attack

Her minions aren’t very sturdy though, often they are dead after a slash attack or two


I only have Sif :slight_smile: I maxed her last Autumn and I used her in a counter-attack team with Prof Lidenbrock and(first) C Obakan who was afterwards replaced by Azmia.

It is a team that is often successful, but lately I had problems to find suitable teams to use it against because more and more defenses have dispellers (including dispel first heroes) that render my buff heroes useless.

So I am very tempted to take Inari myself from the FS because I don’t have a good dodge hero and see how she would work in my teams since she could also dodge the dispel.

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I have used sif everyday for like 2 years. She’s great for farming and everything else. I have bastet for dodge and she’s great but I still use sif more. Haven’t gotten to leveling inari but I’m sure she’s solid as well.

  • Inari
  • Sif

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Good luck :wink:
I’m going with sif if you have her costume even if you don’t have have costume I’ll go for Sif :wink:


Thanks a lot for your time and effort. Maybe I’ll take them both. Start working on my 3rd holy team for wars :grinning:


Pick Sif first. She is amazing for offense and defense.
Then pick Inari. She is great on offense, but she cant live without LB and Max emblems. Her attack stat is crazy high.
Both can fight together on a 3rd yellow team.