Sif or Inari or wait?

I have 7 darts and trying to decide between Sif and Inari or waiting for another option to present itself. My current maxed 5* yellows are costume Joon, Delilah, Poseidon, and non costume Viv. I am the only person in this game with no Jackal so today I add Mist to that lineup with yellow mono. I have a critical troop at 16 and a mana at 11. Joon has 15 emblems and sits on my defense with Mitsuko, Telly, Misandra, and Kage. Thanks for the feedback.

Inari synergizes well with Joon, as the blind stacks with the dodge chance so you’re hit less and get more minions. Very nice on Titans, especially when you have Viv’s Def buff to fall back on.

I know Sif’s mana buff is highly recommender, but I’d do Inari and expect to be very pleased with the investment.


Inari is great offensively. Sif would be better defensively.


I would go with Sif without thought. She synergizes great with other yellows. Her riposte is much better than that of other heroes because of her defensive buff. She and surrounding heroes don’t take much damage, but deliver a good punch back. Her mana boost helps to get those heroes ready to fire again.

I have both Inari and Sif, and pick Sif over Inari in almost every situation. She’s very underrated, probably because not many have her.


Inari’s only use is her high attack stat for tile damage. Her ability is trash. If no dodges occur, then it’s like she never had an ability to begin with. There is too much variability in which the best outcome isn’t game changing and the worst outcome is trash. She is only useful for tile damage.

Go with Sif.


Sif is awesome… underestimated

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I use Inari to great effect with Neith, and Joon brings a similar synergy to the table. That said, I think Sif is a much better bet. A much more reliable ability and tiles that are still quite strong with much more well rounded stats. I also think her realm bonus is generally better than the family bonus, but since you do have two other Sakura family heroes then Inari might really help you too, depending on your mana troop situation.

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I have the same heros.

Inari has been a bust for me; particularly as they fight for emblems.

Sif is great on offense, don’t know why folks are kind of down on her…The 50% damage absorbing and 24% mana gen. scales well with many 4* or 5* heroes.

Note Sif and Inari aren’t always great together —

While Sif protects the fox minions, Inari’s dodge means no reflect damage - on top of her class dodge.

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Thanks for the replies everyone!

My vote for sif bro, is very good in actual meta, with a lot of aoe heros

Thanks everyone, went with Sif and even at 4.35 she us already a beast.

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