What is the best ranvir defense team?

The title says it all. I know he’s for titans but
Wanted to see if anyone has made him work

Kage, ranvir, ursena, drake, seshat.

That’s the best I think. With only 4 emblems and after drakes special he has 840 defense. Ursena should hit minimum 3/5 and drake 2/3.

Any thoughts?


Also does ranvirs ability effect minion hits?

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With the low defense of santa the application of ranvir and the protection and recovery of life of aegir, I have done quite well with him in defense !!! And yes, it also affects the minion !!!


Wing is definitely the best spot for him, as you’d want him to fire his buff late when his team is either in trouble (and they’ll need the gamble boost) or when the team’s winning (which won’t be useful but you’re winning so who cares :smiley: )

I would agree with wing when being defensive with my defense team.

But if he fires on flank and then ursena goes off every hit is like liana hitting. Game over in 30 seconds


You should name this team as ‘You’re on the Naughty list’. I would surely think that if I had to fight your setup.


Have you tried it yet? If so, what’s your feel?

I just maxed Ranvir and am in the mood to shake my def up a bit. Current lineup is Poseidon-Frida-Kunchen-GM-Elk. I’m thinking maybe swap Elk for Ranvir. Or go cray cray; GM-Poseidon/Frida-Hel-Ranvir-Elk?

Slowly levelling. Only farmed with it. It’s too bad we can’t see our teams being raided.

It’s definitely my fave 3/2 offense team so far.

My opinion though is if u want to be aggressive use it on flank and use hit all’s or splash damages.

For that reason your Cray Cray team is best imo.

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Trying it out over night now :). Poseidon-GM-Hel-Ranvir-Frida. Know that average isn’t optimal in wing but if she goes off with the buff active it might be worth the risk…

Will be interesting to see where I’m at tomorrow.

Alliance member runs a Ranvir tank for his war defense… his “getting 1 shot” percentage has gone down significantly from using a Vivica tank.

Just some more info to think about.

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Can you expand on that. If ranvir is tank how would that prevent a one shot ? Ranvir is pretty squishy health wise. Defense is 800 on 4 emblems. What the rest of the team. I understand ranvir goes off almost always as tank so fast flanks might be awesome

how does the rest of this defense team look like?

Just figured out ranvir is plus 46% against dark.
If he was tank here is my line-up

Drake, guardian panther, ranvir, ursena, Poseidon

He has Lianna, Sartana, Azlar, and Magni… led by Ranvir.

I’m guessing Ranvir being fast guarantees his special goes off and the high attack power heroes take full advantage of the buff. Their slash attacks hit almost as hard specials when they land. He also runs crit troops and not mana, which would crit into above special damage range.

His elemental link doesn’t hurt!!

It’s a gamble because they can just miss, like under Wu’s buff, but when it works it’s punishing. It doesn’t give recovery or stall time like a Vivica tank. too many fast heroes out here now for that style anymore.

People still run Elena tanks, despite her having the worst durability of ANY 5 star (and several 4 stars), so defense isn’t everything. Maybe it’s because 7dd still has her listed as an A grade at tank… no idea why.

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hm… they say Guinevere without emblems (health 1347, defense 778) dies with 3 purple tiles (when mono purple is used)… Ranvir has 1126 health and 782 defense… so i would assume he would die even quicker…

besides that… i wonder if a ranvir tank flanked by guinevere could be interesting… elemental link of ranvir and guins special means they could protect each other… and guin might heal ranvir… just in case ranvir goes off and protcts guin so she can go off as well if the attacker can’t manage to kill ranvvir (and / or Guin) with his purple stack fast enough…

however ranvir on defense seems to be an interesting gamble… would like to hear experiences from people using him on defense…

I put him as flank yesterday in a team without healer, Poseidon-GM-Hel-Ranvir-Frida. Got attacked a couple times more than usually (Kunch is my main tank) and lost every time.

Swapped this morning to Poseidon-Frida-Kunchen-GM-Ranvir and filled a chest. Have won about half of the attacks and revenges on me since which is what I usually see (Elk normally sits right wing). Dunnow if Ranvir does anything at all really, if his buff is a support when needed.

To be honest, I don’t see him doing well anywhere on a defense as he is squishy and opponent doesn’t know how to play. The only merit I see during defense is that his own HP is low so his buff gets activated quite easily.

The only combo I see is having a Albi and MN in the left wing with him in the right or yellow heavy defense.

Yeah, no one but the best emblemed defensive tanks survive a mono combo. I don’t include that. A good board always wins no matter what.

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His def isn’t all that low and the buff is hp-dependent… and yes he has atrocious health, but that only affects his own hits. Buff goes for entire team, and the thought must be to have him turn the tables when the battle is going south. Which he can do on offense - I use him a lot there.

In theory, he should be a good match with AoE hitters that will at least hit a couple of targets. I don’t know if Frida or GM (the closest I come with my maxed roster) are alive once he fires on my def ofc, and if they benefit. I’m not sure he’ll keep the spot. Elk hits like a grandma, but at least a reliable one.

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