I'm TRYING to train up AGWE! Really I am!

I want to un derstand him, use him, hell even enjoy him. I don’t get him. Am I missing something? Ice card that raises def vs Nature? Is he for green titans?
I’ve got him at 3/11 and find it hard to keep feeding him blues. I mean, I literally have NOOOOO other Ice heroes to train up. 8 ice heroes maxed out and a 3/11 Agwe.

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Being a cleric, he can be useful in the class quests he participates him, which are heavy with green enemies and bosses. Wrong color for enemies but with hero selection limited already, it’s easier to move past that.

Other than that :stuck_out_tongue: idk. Him, Triton and Proteus are the only Atlantis 4* heroes I’m missing… but let me tell ya I don’t really feel bad for missing Agwe.


That’s true! Trials. OK, well that’s good enough for me.

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He is sitting in my bench at 1.1.
I don’t see a use for him at this time.


My Agwe is at 1/1 and will likely stay there for a long time. He protects himself from his weakness, but there are just so many better hero options… if you literally have no other ice hero to work on, you may as well max him. I haven’t seen any positive opinions of him or gobbler.


Agreed . I have a gobbler and 1/1 and Agwe 1/1 as well .

I wonder if SG will ever want to consider altering those heroes a bit. Probably not anytime soon. Oh well…

@RudoDewbie I am considering leveling another blue hero… but I reckon it will be a classic 4* hero like boril or Sonya or why not a other Grimm!


Let me know how Agwe does…


Recently I have found some use to him pairing him with Wilbur. Agwe gets two benefits: his damage gets significantly increased with the defense reduction, and even a little bit more thanks to the attack bonus of the lagoon family. Tried that combination in a 3/2 blue-red stack and worked well (I won the raid), and as I don’t have a deep bench, I have to get the maximum benefit of each hero I have. So if you have started, keep leveling him up at least to 3/60


Agwe is ok for wars, especially when combined with grimm and kirill.


He was popping up quite a but in the buff booster 4* tourney as there just aren’t that many 4* with buffs. I have him maxed. He’s fine. Nothing special.


I use him often, my main team at the moment is Kiril, Wilbur, Wu Kong, QoH, Agwe…Wilbur + Wu Kong + Agwe and often up to 5 enemies make poufffffff and are never seen again :smiley: Oh and I have him maxed with one emblem. Don’t think he deserves more, but at the moment I like him :slight_smile:

One reason for maxing was being short on blues, my alternative was a second Kiril…and a second Agwe :smiley: now I have Sonya and 2 Grimms, but the 5* blues are avoiding me :frowning:


@StephenNap89 and @Justab0x - I have Gobbler maxed at 4/70. I leveled him out of necessity myself, as him and Little John were my only 4* green heroes.

You’re both correct though, Gobbler really is a horrible hero, I’d argue he’s much worse than Agwe (at least he’s helping with elemental defense) and probably the worst 4* in the game :slight_smile: His stats are so unbalanced, his pathetic Friar Tuck defense makes his gargantuan HP kind of a waste. Skill deals very little damage for average speed, and the minion munching requires you to activate enemy minions… on purpose. Holding his skill just to get in a troubling situation on purpose is just not a good idea to begin with lol.

Besides, C. of Diamonds is way better, fast skill, stats wise and color-wise (consider that Santa, Red Hood, and Queen of Hearts are all red… and Gobbler is green :frowning: wow)

Gobbler’s pros though:

  • tile damage is good
  • Druid class makes his special useful at least (unlike C. of Diamonds who’s a paladin), if you have no other better heroes for those class quests
  • Lagoon bonus for Wilbur
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I have both Gobbler and Agwe sitting at 1/1. I do intend to max both of them, since I love collecting and expanding my options. I won’t bother with them until I have nothing better though. So it will be awhile.

For Gobbler’s pros, the only one that is unique to him is the Lagoon bonus for Wilbur. The other two can be accomplished with Melendor and I’d say a f2p player is more likely to have Melendor than Gobbler.

Gobbler on epic events in a green stack or mono is awesome.

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I hope i don’t regret what i did

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I used him a lot before.


I have every 4* in the game maxed except Agwe, Gobbler, Boomer and Kash.

I can see where Agwe, Boomer and Kash could have their place, but they have no use after you get other heroes.

I did Kash and find him helpful, Agwe and Gobbler are holding hands on my bench, I can’t bring myself quite to use them as food but I def can’t level them.

I have agwe and gobbler maxed. They are frozen in the bench. Even in 5th 6th war flags agwe and gobbler only see their friends fighting with enemies while both of them sitting in the bench eating ice cream nom… nom…

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