New Atlantis Heroes from summons

Just pulled Proteus and Agwe and Ameonna from the Atlantis summons. And I need some help please. Are all three of these any good for defence, for attack or for both. Many thanks

Proteus is awesome everywhere except defenece, he can help yiu finush quests/raids much harder than now.
Agwe have bad opinions, if he is your only blue 4* you can take hum to 3^60 and decide.
I really like Ameonna, she save me few times but Proteus must be maxed first.


Not sure about Agwe or Ameonna since I have them but they are not leveled, but Proteus is invaluable. Fully leveled and with mana pots he will help you get through most boss stages. They won’t get a special off.

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Proteus is the best 4* in this game. I’m using him in raid offence in the lower and mid diamond league. When he goes off, massive combos will charge your mana but not enemies - that’s a huge advantage.


Personally, Agwe is my only 4* Ice Hero as yet, and since I’ve waited so long for another, I went ahead and ascended him to the final ascension. People seem to believe that he’s somewhat sub par… and I suspect this is likely because of just how good Kiril is (i.e. awesome)… because in my experience, Agwe rules. I generally use him next to Frida and the two of them have some serious synergy, haven proven to be a highly effective duo for me. :slight_smile:

Agreed with @grzechol regarding Proteus. If you get Proteus’ special off once, it’s really nice, twice… generally means cruising to an easy raid win. Proteus is powerful.

I beg to differ. I use proteus (with emblems) on defense and I’m holding strong in diamond.

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I have 2 Proteuses. One is already maxed with a few talents unlocked. I just pulled a second one a few days ago. I am leveling him as we speak.

I have an Agwe sitting at 3/60. I use him when I need to stack blue; or just need to fill a slot in war. But he’s great at farming at lower levels. Special can one-shot all enemies. Very efficient.

Ameonna I have as well, but currently not leveled at all. She’s got great tile damage but just not a priority for me. I have other more functional heroes to work on.

Proteus is very good on offense. He is like a ‘mini hel’. Ameonna us good for titans. She coukd be used on offense too. Agwe I dont know what to think of I think with his nature def buff makes him defense

Also going to disagree that Proteus is not viable on defense. At +14 he is on my defense, holding diamond.


You’re on the right track, Kiril and Grimm are just far better hero’s. I’d even level someone like Sonya over him. Sure Frida can polish a turd up nice and shiny but he’s still a turd. Frida with Grimm is devastating, Ice defense down stacks with the defense down from Ramming Pulvizer and anything that survives that is taking huge damage from blue tiles and bigger damage from your other tiles as well.

Agwe is worse on titans where the AoE special is far inferior to Kiril, Grimm, and Sonya. I’m not trying to be mean, I like the little guy, my gf has him as her only 3/60 blue 4 star and may even ascend him soon if nothing else turns up but that’s out of desperation.

I have Ameonna and I don’t like her much. She has great attack which gets even bigger during her special but I find more often than not I spend all the purples on the board getting her special and then there aren’t any left during it to make use of the attack buff. If you get flooded with purples then of course she’s awesome and you win but that’d be the case with most other hero’s too.

Looks like everyone agrees on Proteus, easily one of the best hero’s in the game and he’s not even a 5 star.

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Its Proteus and then Proteus and then all others…

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