The All Grimm death metal band- And other bands battling them this Friday Night!


I spent 31 summon tokens to get Alasie. I did not get her… no problem I will pick her up later. But I did get 4 more Grimms (total of 6 in my roster).

I am cup dropping right now to get my raiding mojo back. This is the funniest defense team I have ever used.

Meet the band. Grimm on vocals, Grimm on guitar, Grimm on bass, Grimm on keyboards, and Grimm on drums.

We are the Grimm-acolypse!

1-Year HOTM Anniversary Coming Up
Boomer-ang-ry Band
Revenge Raids
How many double/triple heroes you should keep?
Let it go! Let it go! Can't raid with you anymore- Poetry Slam [Poem, Art]
[Wiki, v1.12] War- Merging, Stet, Opt Out
10 Gravemakers
Which 4* heroes are your favourites? One from Events, one from S1 and one from S2

Lol are you going to keep them all?


Thinking about it. I already burned 3 before this pull. I’ll sit on it for a few weeks. If I kep the previous I would be at 8 Grimms. Ha!


I had 8 fed the smoke machine grimm, pyrotechnics grimm, and sound check grimm

leveled up acoustic guitar grimm and bass grimm


wondering if a melendor death metal band would work


I have 4 Mel’s. Not enough for a full band. But frankly Mel would be way better on keyboard.

The only othe duplicat I have is Vivics. I have 3. At 5 I will have a great Kpop band


I bet Grimm band and Iron Maiden would be quick friends. Probably destroy a lot of hotel rooms on tour together.


If you get any more Grimm they can be the Grimm groupies. Every band needs groupies! :grin:


Hilarious… I had the purple band last month with Aeron, but I also had the groupies and some audience… hahaha I only kept 3


Can we make a Band Battle Royal ??


I’d love to see a video of Grimm’s vs Thorne’s. That would be pretty awesome.


I’ll take you both on with my Green Dream Team!


tell us how that works out for ya…



Here’s a one hit wonder band for ya…The Red Ryder’s! :sweat_smile:


Here comes the skittleskulzzzzz


I give you the Melen Doors! My favorite Doors tribute band…

I lost track. Turns out I do have 5 Mels


31 Tokens? Interesting. I was blessed enough to pull Mays HOTM this morning, and it did leave me with a thought. If I earn epic hero tokens throughout this month, can I simply choose not to spend them? Will they stick around indefinitely? It would definitely help on my quest to get Gravemaker. She’s the one I really want, so naturally the odds are going to be stacked against me.


Yes, the epic hero tokens can be saved for the next month’s draws. That’s how I got Perseus, though I haven’t been nearly as lucky with tokens, either getting them or getting HotM from the few I received since.


Thanks for the reply Paulon. That’s going to help a lot.


And I give you The ■■■■ Delilahs


Oh my god! I only have one! LOL That is so cool!