Help with defense/war team

Hey guys, lost a bit focus how to set up my team.

Can you help suggest a defense team? I know I can’t hold 2400 trophies…but may be 2300 would be great.

For war we are on blue tanks. Any ideas over there?

I have good amount (at least 200) emblems available of each type except ranger, monk and rogue.

Any brainstorming, advice, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

Hi Viking!

For your defence team I would suggest (Left to right)
Melendor, Domitia, Khagan, Athena, Leondias

  • Level that Kingston ASAP & chuck him in there in the place of Domitia… Can also possibly swap Domitia and Kingston around

For your War defence team I would suggest much the same…
Melendor, Khagan, Athena, Domitia, Leonidas

Your main problem is that you’re lacking tank versatility but that’s not really a fault of yourself but more a time thing :slight_smile: .Eventually you’ll get some more depth in the tanks you got available.

Some general advice:

  • Avoid spreading emblems around. Focus mainly on what you use most (i.e. what gives you most versatility). You’ve built a solid base on a number of heroes but I would recommend starting to focus your efforts
  • Max a green 5*. Either Kingston or Lianna will serve you very well for just about every application.
  • Get Ares Up. He’s probably the best tank you have in your roster… Period.

Otherwise you got a solid roster :slight_smile: Keep it up!!


Hey thanks so far

Why not swap Domitia and Athena?

Came up with the same war team as you and it kinda sucked big time.

Maxing green 5*: Got the materials for even 2 greens for last ascension. Prefer Kingston over Lianna first.

Of course Kingston will belong to my war team.
Flank or wing position for Kingston?
Could give Melendor talent lvl 20 (when gathering enough iron) …worthy?
You would take Domitia out? Thought to take Leonidas out…

You think Ares could be my tank remedy? Heard he is too easy to play around. When he reaches 3.70 it’s him or Marjana. Only got 1 set of rings.

Thanks so far. Any other suggestions?

Your best tank - emblemed Domita

War defense - Athena (mediocre but you don’t have much choice)


Kingston - flank if blue tank

Would kick Mel out with Kingston if not, I would kick Khagan out.

Leo - one man army at end raids (superb with field aid)
Dom - your only 5* dispel on the team

Don’t listen to those that belittle Ares. He is one of the best utility heroes in all situations. Not the best in current meta but can still hold his own against the rest. You just gotta flank him with hard hitters. With your lineup you can easily hold in low diamond with Ares or Dom.


Thx @AirHawk
20 thanks


Hey @Vikingblood80

I put Dom on the left so that her dispel triggers first (if her & others special up at the same time). Can just as easily put Athena on the Left Flank & Dom on the Right Flank.

Regarding war defence, I wouldn’t be toooo concerned. War defences are like your normal defence… some days it does really really well & others it sucks monkey balls… For example, my war defence is normally around the 4.2-4.3k mark… Little while back, in one war I didn’t get OS’d once… they burnt like 8-10 flags for an average of 23 pts/flg… the very next war I got OS’d 3 times for 60 pts each… Some days you win, others you lose :slight_smile:

Re Kingston, you can probably go either route. I would prefer him in the Flank role but have seen him work just as well in the Wings cause he’s got that fast mana.

RE Melendor, the 20th node is the mana one… so it depends on two things. 1) are you going to be using Melendor LONG term? b) do you have a better druid hero in the works? Based on what I can see of your roster, I would say the answers are Yes & No respectively. So I would give him the 20th node (can always reset using a token later on).

Finally RE Ares, yes people belittle him… But he can still be sneaky annoying, especially if coupled with a bunch of fast snipers… Like I’ve said elsewhere, theres no such thing as a perfect tank. Some have better track records than others but ultimately they all can and will be beaten.


So the new things I came up with:

Team 1 but kick out Mel.

He is ultra squishy in a normal raid defense especially flank.

Will be replaced by Kingston (3.48 and growing).
With my old lineup (Khagan tank) I had the feeling that Mel (talent lvl 5/5) worked better on flank than on wing.

Stayed in diamond over night though I don’t get atracked very often.

Finished 150 raid victories in diamond last week.

Team 2 is my new war-lineup.Domitia with dodge may be well suited on wing…or probably not :rofl:

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Melendor is on my best attack team with which I did over 100 wins for the 150 wins mission.

Druid guardian Owl…now growing from 2.60 -> 3.70 to be used in wars…but not planning to max soon.

So Kingston got a bit older…any recommendations on war setup?

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Not much not knowing what tank color your alliance prefers.

Amongst your 5 heroes, Dom and Kingston would be more suitable at tank.

We’re on blue.
Kingston as tank? Would not even consider this in 100 years.

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