Isarnia or Vela?

Got both today. Wondering if I should level either of those or continue with Ariel (at 2-25 but also got a 4-79 Vivica). I also have a 3-65 Thorne but I’m pretty sure he’s not worth the telescopes. Thanks!

Ariel is the best option in a vacuum… Healing, Mana boost etc…

Not knowing the rest of the roster it’s hard to say regarding Issy or Vela.

Thorne I would just finish to 3-70 (seeing as he’s so close) but not use any scopes on him… He’s not overly great… maybe if he gets a costume…?

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Thanks for the opinions Guvnor. I agree with Thorne, I’ve been leveling him up the most for war but definitely no further past 3-70. Main roster includes a 3-70 Seshat, Vivica, 4-70 Boril (who I’m trying to replace), 4-70 Boldtusk (no 5* reds) and 4-36 Lianna.

Do you have Grimm?

If yes, Issy isn’t really needed. Particularly if Grimm has some emblems on him…
My Grimm is +15 (following attack route) and my Issy has been for the longest time stuck at 3-70

Vela is a speedy attacker, with a new unique DoT. This means it will stack with other DoT like poison, burn etc…

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Imma also drop this in here regarding focusing on 5* heroes vs. 4* Heroes…


Unfortunately no Grimm but I do have a maxed out Gormek. And for sure, agree with the theory of having a maxed out 4* team. Also got maxed Wu Kong, Cyprian, Sonya, and Melendor. I normally agree with finishing out heros unless there a hero that I feel really takes priority. I guess I’ll stick with the original plan of finishing out Thorne and then Ariel.

Ariel above all. She is one of the best heroes overall

Ariel is awesome, I don’t think you’d ever regret doing her (even with that awful artwork).

Isarnia is amazing maxed - at 3.70 you can easily wonder whether to just stick with Grimm, but she’s much more powerful once maxed… Well worth it!

What does your bench need?
How many 5* do you have maxed and what do they do? I tend to see most people go with a healer then a boatload of snipers and no AoE and I definitely think they’re missing out…

Ariel sounds great but I’m about to have a maxed out Vivica. Only benefit I can see about replacing Vivica with Ariel is that I can work Wu Kong back into the bench. But that’s gonna take forever sind Ariel is at 2-25 and will need more capes. Already working on two snipers; Seshat and Lianna. Not sure Vela or Isarnia would be good long term.

Isarnia can be incredibly useful, I use her quite a lot… Raids, wars, titans, events.

Even with Vivica, you’ll use Ariel.
And if you ever luck into Vivica’s costume you’ll be incredibly glad to already have her maxed (you can’t max a costume without its regular version being on tier 4).

Vela just doesn’t excite me.

Good to know, thanks Bubbles!

Im little 5yro daughter can draw a better Ariel than that.

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