Help with ice heroes if anyone's bored!

I have Vela maxed. Next up, I was going to do Missandra. Then, I had a lucky pull and got Ariel.

I also have Master Lepus.

Ariel kinda threw a wrench in my plans. I’ve wanted her forever. Is she still worth leveling?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and respond. I really appreciate it!

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I would say Ariel for sure. I just recently maxed Ariel myself and will be replacing Kuchen as my tank.

Not sure who you use as a Tank and/or healer but I do see a fair amount of Ariel in low diamond raiding.


Thank you! I was thinking that, too. I have Telluria as my raid tank.

Ariel is arguably the best healer in the game in terms of Heal vs. Speed vs. Buffs.

If it were me personally, I would go:

  1. Ariel
  2. Lepus
  3. Misandra



Thank you, kind sir!! Will do!

Ariel is the best healer in the game, according to most. I’d max her right away unless you are lousy with 5* healers already.

I don’t have Lepus and I enjoy Misandra quite a lot, but I think the bunny should have priority over Missy as well.

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The only other full team healer I have is Vivica. So thank you very much! I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

The guv is bang on. Ariel. Lepus, Misandra


Thank you for your help! I’ll get her up and running asap🙂

You won’t regret it. I have her at +18 she is my most important card…I hate doubles as I like to think of them as individuals but just got a second of her and I’m facing to level her…Ariel twins can date my Kingston twins haha


Ariel is a great flank to Telly. I skip her because my Mitsuko is useless with her.

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In my honest opinion, go with Ariel and then Master Lepus.
Whichever hero you choose good luck