Help me build my defensive team

New user here. Thx in advance for answers.

My heroes at max:
Mitshuko 14 talents, Jean 14, Azlar 0
Joon 14, Vivica, Ranvir
Atomos 10 talents for some reason, Liana, Elk 18
Vela 16, Richard 14 with c 14, Frida , Magni
Seshat 16, Obakan, Quintus

Troops around 17


Wow, interesting Heroes! Here’s what I would do:

Elk - Mits - Richard - Joon - Seshat

Hate not using Vela but richard is your only true Tank. If you use Mits as a tank, plop Vela next to her and bench Richie boy.


I like this lineup, but would put Seshat on the left wing so her debuff fires early

Seshat - Joon - Richard - Mitsuko - Elkanen OR
Seshat - Joon - Richard - Elkanen Mitsuko

the second one is true to the rule of thumb of putting the tank’s weak color on the flank of the tank

Atamos is about as much a true tank as Richard, and while the latter is generally viewed more favorably, there are a lot of emblems on Atamos that may make him a contender for tank. If so

Seshat - Joon - Atamos - Mitsuko - Elkanen

One more possibility would be to put Frida at tank. Again, not a canonical tank, but she also has the debuff special, which is nice. She lack’s Richards emblems, though. Worse, she’s also a Paladin so she’ll compete for them.

We’re ruling out Azlar as a tank both because he is slow and because Mitsuko is so nasty against blue, right? With him as a tank, you could get Vela into the lineup.

In the end, I think @Chadmo is right, Richard may be your best tank at the moment.


Great post Ric…super helpful.

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Thanks for the great answers. I had some unexpected good results eith elk and his 18 talents. Vela next to him.

Mitsuko at tank going on defense path also had some succes. What do you guys think about her ?

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