I Need a Better Holy Backup for Later Atlantis Stages

Breezed through province 26 and most of 27 (normal) this weekend as I’ve been working on colour stacking since the last Atlantis. However, when I got to Stage 9 today I got stuck, although I think I can get through it if I really stock up on flags and potions etc.

Saying that, one of the issues is my lack of decent yellows to backup Chao. My second best is Wu and I really don’t like playing the odds on these tougher levels. I’ve been holding Li Xui and Hu Tao back in the hope of drawing another decent yellow but, as a VERY C2P, I really can’t guarantee that will happen any time soon. Melia is brilliant during lower level farming and quests but I’m not sure if she could cut it with the 4*s here.

Here’s my full line-up (thanks to @GDIBass for his brilliant program!) and I’d appreciate any help as I’m still fairly new (playing since August) and only just starting to get to grips with compiling the best teams.

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Li Xiu is actually a really solid hero!

Don’t think you’ll have any regrets about ascending her… Less so if you get lucky and draw her costume too :slight_smile:

Also for what it’s worth, I went pretty well the whole way thru Atlantis running a 2-2-1 team with the 1 being Wu Kong.

Yes it’s a gamble with the misses BUT if you prime the board before going into the boss round and then do the old “fire Wu Kong and whack the cascades” I don’t remember losing a single stage… Maybe a couple here and there but never more than once.


Yes Li is great for map stages, her mana cut is really handy. Her damage is a bit blah, but she is a support hero not a nuke :slight_smile:


I used Wu when going through my normal stages and don’t regret it. Just try not to fire off your other heroes specials when he is active.

Thank you both. Any other thoughts about teams for these last stages? I would be interested to see which of my guys you would all group together.

As I said, I went 2-2-1

2x strong against the boss
2x strong against the mobs that were in the boss round
1x Wu Kong.

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Thank you.

In L9 the two bosses are green and purple so I have been putting Wu in anyway and my red pair are working well. The other minor enemies are yellow.

I’ll certainly do what @Twist says re the specials in tandem with Wu but I suppose I just was curious as to how to group the purple/yellow/red or if there was someone else up at the top that was worth putting in, even if the colour wasn’t ideal.

That’s the last of my questions, I think. I’m just making some more weapons/flags and potions now before going for it again. Curious as to whether I can finish this normal level this weekend or if I’ll have to wait until next time.

Nah, all your levelled 4* heroes have pretty good synergy all-in-all.

If possible take a healer each time as you’ve got a couple options.

But yeah, just stack your colours, prep the board before the boss round and you’ll be sweet :slight_smile:


Also try to have all your heroes ready to fire off at the beginning of the boss fight. Always helpful to have some good damage right from the start :smile:


Hey, glad you’re enjoying it! FYI You can Share a direct link to this by going to your settings (top right).

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