Best way to "waste" food?

I constantly keep getting max food and not enough recruits to store it, so what is a good thing that I can “waste” the food on that doesn’t actually waste it completely? For example, are there some good things I can get from the Forge that will be useful ?? Hopefully, things that don’t require many other materials too.

My max food is 796k at the moment (concentrating on Iron Storage + SH before doing the food storage more).

I am currently at 750k / 796k, with no world energy (to gain recruits) and no recruits… What’s good to spend on that I can use in events, challenges, and missions (since I am still progressing in S1 and S2)?

Thanks for any ideas for me.

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The best way to “get rid” of food is by leveling up your troops.


IMO, priority order:

  1. TC 13/20 depend on recruit (best because we can stock food and can take it later as needed)
  2. Battle items: minor heal, heal, potent heal, minor mana, mana, super mana.
  3. Troop leveling
  4. Emblem talent
  5. Upgrade Watch Tower and Mines

Make hp and mana pots, having a good stock of them can’t hurt, and using them makes many thing easier.


Reroll opponents until you find someone you know, beat them and post your victory.

It doesn’t store food, but it’s great for the ego :rofl:


I craft super Mana pots and use them on the Titan :rofl:


The best way to go for you at this level is to advance with the base. Once you will upgrade your all TC, you will have more heroes. Once you will achieve that, trust me, the food will never be enough. So the right thing to do is to upgrade the watchtower. Now, when you still have food. Because later, you will regret these days, when you could have done this.


Leveling troops hands down. I can get rid of 2.8 mil food in mere seconds.


Small health pots (reds).

With upcoming alchemy lab avalaible, you can either use your common herbs to get shards, or make before-hand small health potions (still 1 herb) but get more shard outcome from it, as you need half the items and get more shards.
You just need food for it.

I already eaten all my common herbs this way (20.000+ small potions).

I think you may have a problem :scream:




Ahahaha that’s perfect. Meme Level: Legendary


Technically you don’t get more shards (4 but takes 2hrs vs 2 for herbs but takes 1 hr) But it is less food per shard which is definitely relevant!

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You need 30 herbs to get 1 alchemy, but only 15 items if you use small potions.

So technically, if you transform those herbs in small potions you double the outcome.

So well designed this Alchemy Lab :rofl:


Lmao, it seems like a flaw, but i guess is the return for using ham and time converting it.

But as i said, if you have time and ham surplus is definetely worth it.

I like the way you think!


You are right, its just incredibly difficult to imagine running out of common herbs :grin:

Hi elpis
I’m sorry I don’t really understand

So i should craft as many small healing potions as I can
For use later in alchemy lab?

Hi thanks everyone.

I have 2 buildings already upgrading (SH + Iron Storage) and both still have about 1 day remaining (will finally be at SH 18) (or at the time of me posting this and shortly thereafter) so I could not waste on troops for now BUT even if I could have converted a building (maybe I have a mistake and should always keep one converted? I have a “spare” Forge at lvl 6) I think I only have it upgraded to level 2, so my troops for now can only go to a maximum of lvl 5 – you think I should keep it as it is for now, and continue to focus on the Iron Storage + SH?

I only have 1,200 common herbs so can’t quite do 20,000 of those lol.
I decided Super Mana Potions were a good one and went with those – I immediately burned through them starting and finishing Province 22 (I am finally on Province 23, Stage 2!! Miki is amazingly helpful especially on those “boss stages”).

Also, you know the funny thing is, I was wasting a lot of them on rerolls for raids. Most times doing 20, 30 or 40 rolls until I found a viable one lol. Even those at 1,700 per roll didn’t waste it all haha.

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