TOO MANY RECRUITS! Should I start discarding?

So I’ve been playing for two and a half weeks and I’ve obviously noticed a (serious?) problem. I literally have WAY TOO MANY recruits. Like honestly, it’s getting to be ridiculous. My instinct tells me that I shouldn’t discard all these recruits… but I think I see where this is going and I don’t like it - namely because of the food it’s tying up.

As of now my TC 11 is already backed up over 2 months, training 812 heroes. Now I know this is literally nothing compared to some people who have 2000+ days queued! THATS NUTS! But for me, if I already have well over 1 million food tied up across my TCs because of “recruit overload” - and that’s after only been 2 and a half weeks!

I’m trying to rush SH20 + 2x TC20. My SH will be level 13 in a day. All my farms are level 11. But I’m planning on rushing to SH15 to open up new slots and then pushing all my farms to level 13, because I’m having a pretty annoying food shortage - mostly because I keep pumping food into TC11.

…and by the way, I would rather run TC11 because it’s 1k food/2 recruits/2 hrs vs TC4 being 1.5k/4/3 hrs… but whats annoying is that even though TC11 is way more efficient, it only uses half the recruits that TC4 does, so even though I’m “saving food”… I’m actually just putting more food in the bank because of how few recruits are being used, lol.

Anyways, I just wanted to go on a little rant here, because I love the game so far, but managing recruits seems like a total chore and it feels like a pretty blatant flaw.

To me the obvious solution seems to be - just forget about banking more than a couple months of recruits in my TCs, and actually use the rest of the food for immediate needs like leveling Heroes/Watchtower/Research. These immediate needs for all that ham will translate into greater income NOW which I can then reinvest into greater and faster grow, etc, etc.

Am I missing something? :roll_eyes:

There are so many awesome and experienced people in this community so I’m really curious what advice you can offer… because as you can see, I’m not that patient… and I’m seriously considering recruit genocide.

You should run TC1, TC2, TC11 and TC20

TC1 & TC2 to burn your recruits
TC11 & TC20 to stock meat and recruits

As only have a SH13 Id say to set all of your training camps to TC11 with one of them switching between

TC11 (overnight)
TC2 (for few heroes, after farming provinces)
TC1 (when you need to train heroes so keep some meat for them)

So… you get it right, but you can just collect heroes from one TC while keeping hoarding recruits/food.


Also don’t forget to raid for food, and to possibly use a few gems to open up new Wanted quests for extra food - if you spend between 5 and 10 gems to hurry along the wanted quests, you very well may get all of them back just by completing the quest.


Kind of. :slight_smile: As soon as you get to SH20 and TC20 you’ll be constantly out of recruites because 4 TCs will require more than you can get.

So, for now just collect them and dump into TC11. Have a bit of patience and work for future.


Let them accumulate. At some point you’ll find your TC11 can fairly quickly increase or decrease by 200 days. If you have heroes worth training, it’s okay to train them. But as C2P I’m often waiting for something. My alt is F2P and has over 1000 feeders awaiting collection. Its TC20 comes online this week, so maybe something will arrive.

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Man, stack them into your TC 11. I just banked 11k recruits in this Atlantis Rises. You can’t ever have too many recruits.


Thanks everyone - the consensus seems pretty clear - keep banking recruits.

I’ll do that even though I feel especially skeptical that TC20 won’t make the problem worse. 2 days and uses 100 recruits. Easy to farm that on ~5 missions.

I guess the follow-up question is: is there any type of training that burns recruits better than TC1&2 as @FraVit93 recommmends?

TC19 bakes 1* heroes in 2 minutes. The problem is to get enough rugged clothes. Even if you start using TC19 having thousands of clothes you quickly run out of those.
With a stronghold maxed you can have 4 camps. 1 or 2 run lvl20, one stores recruites in TC11 and one produces feeders at lvl19 or lvl2 depending on backpacks or clothes available.


If you’ve got the rugged clothes, TC19 will burn recruits right quick for you.


Between the last Atlantis rises and this one, I burned ~10k recruits running 2x TC2 and 1x that ran TC1 / TC19 depending on material availability. You can burn them faster if you use TC3 instead of TC1, but I found that TC1 matched up well with the TC2s in terms of leveling.

That’s in addition to the constantly running TC20, but that burns negligible recruits and is mostly a ham bank.


I find that TC19 is only good when meat isn’t needed for other tasks.


Yeah that’s so solid advice @SuuriKoira and @TWAndrews. Thanks!

I will be running the 2xTC20 so having the TC11 recruit bank + TC1/2/19 as a recruit factory - sounds like a solid strat.

Yeah @FraVit93, I can’t see that happening since ham is what I can never seem to have enough of.

I guess the overall lesson learned is keep storing recruits and take a detour on the road to TC20 to increase my farms a few levels. After all, I haven’t even thought about leveling my troops and the ham that’s required there!

@Jakku, after only 2 weeks it’s still relatively easy. Wait until you have a bunch of 4-5* to level, and the AM’s to do it. You will be SO happy to have those recruits my friend.

Keep in mind this game is a grind, a marathon, not a race or a sprint. Try to constantly prepare for the future. Leveling up 5* will take a literally S$&T ton of feeders and food. Having those “banks” full as possible will be a Godsend then.

Good Luck and glad to have you in the forums. Let’ us know your progress in a few weeks!


Alrighty, thanks for that @PapaHeavy! Makes total sense, I just hope that training speed can catch up with recruits… which apparently it will, especially once I unlock TC19 and also have the hams to fuel it.



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