5 star red heroes - which red hero to ascend

I’m looking for thoughts on which red hero to ascend. At the moment I have Santa, Marjana, Natalya and Azlar at 4/80.

I have G Kong at 3/60, but just got Elena during a Wonderland pull. Is Elena better than Kong? I’m concerned because she is slow and I already have 2 slow reds.


Tbh, I wouldnt bother with any of them two. Unless you have 12 rings and you are itching to max somebody. If you only have 6, I’ll advice you to wait untill you get 12 and decide then if nothing better dropped for you.

If waiting is not an option. I’m guessing your Elena is not costumed, which would have make her a little more appealing. I would personally go for GKong, in a 3 piece combo with G.Falcon and Wilbur you can set yourself for success in Wars vs really strong opponents. By setting up them 3 in a D/E/F team.

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G.Kong is better than Azlar in most ways… But only slightly.

Tile damage is a fraction lower but he’s more durable, hits harder upfront AoE damage at faster speed and has potential for family bonus.

If you enjoy Azlar, you’ll enjoy Kong…

Elena has slightly higher tile damage and riposte, but she’s really flimsy.


I’d do Kong… I did do Kong and have zero regrets.


Yeah your full up on slower red heroes. If I was you I’d wait for next HOTM or see if you pulled a faster red in the future

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Thanks. I’m thinking I might wait a bit longer - hopefully the next red HOTM is awesome!

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