Miki – New August 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

I think you forgot Alasie’s elemental link in here, which adds a 5% atk buff on top of that. Even more damage potential for these teams!

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People say “meh” because dedicating the AM to max a hero that’s pretty sketchy for war and raids is not an exciting prospect. If you’re not hitting the big titans, he’ll be just fine at 3/70. But even then, would you rather spend your limited resources on a hero who pays off everywhere like Hel, or a hero who is really good at only one part of the game?

Tarlak is on my A team for green stacks AND for most titans. Miki…won’t be.

I’m going to try hard to get Miki. But the fact that he’s very one-note doesn’t excite me.


I don’t know if I’d ever use him in raids. Although, Miki + Frida will do some amazing damage… assuming health is lower.

I wanted him for titans because I don’t have Tarlak. Even if he isn’t the best for raids, if he helps me get 100k titan hits, then I’ll replace the mats I used on him faster.

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If you’re not hitting big titans he’d be just awesome at 3.70 with SS 8/8 because the atk buff will be the same.

It depends on your roster I think. I have enough maxed 5*s for defense and offense, finished S2 on hard so I’d greatly appreciate a titan specialist like Miki because I get the vast majority of AM from titans.
I agree everyone should focus on more universal heroes first. But at some point you’ll need a titan specialist. It’s better to try for him now with 1.3% than wait for some future Atlantis where odds are significantly lower.


He silences for 4 turns though. Although, that is enough to do a lot of damage. :slight_smile:

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True, there are a bunch of other exceptions too. :slight_smile:

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Here, “just fine at 3/70” means: “he won’t get 1-shot on slash attacks.” I’m not opining about his overall value.

Most of us need to be able to stitch 6 hits in four different colors in AW, plus field a rainbow defense with an appropriate tank color, so I’m not sure how to interpret “enough maxed 5* heroes for offense and defense.” If you’re saying you have over 30 maxed decent 5*, with 6 in each color, so every war hit has at least one decent 5* on it, then congratulations.

For the rest of us, the choice to max a 5* who is basically tile damage for stacking in AW is a more painful call. I’m not saying I won’t make that call. But I am saying I would be a lot MORE excited about Miki if he were more well-rounded.


Titans are the best source of ascension mats but not the only source. Raids play a big part in the game too.

It would have been fine if Miki was average speed like Tarlak. Tarlak can be good at raids and titans. I think that’s where the ‘meh, Miki’s only good at titans’ comments are coming from.

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Well i often use slow heroes(e.g. isarnia/elena) when raiding… so i can see some nice use from mikki there being slow when she charges almost every hero will have less hp than yours… that 130% tile damage can change the tide…
True it has low hp but has a nice defense so that helps with the survival and its a plus to aplly the buff…
-hp but + defense fits very well with special skill…
Hope i get this hotm!


Kingston has been nerfed in beta, his original form was way too strong.

My current dilemma right now! I even posted a thread on Miki vs Alasie. I know Alasie is all around better, but I don’t have Tarlak and am sick of Wu’s misses. Really hurting me against the tiger right now.

When I saw Miki, my intention was to max him straight away. Now… I don’t know. I have 8 scopes, so it will be awhile before i can max them both. Miki is definitely ahead of Lepus and Arthur(I have Frida maxed)


Miki se ve q es un buen héroe espero poder tenerlo debe ser bueno combinándolo con kiril o boulstok sería buena para titánes tiene buena defensa

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^ Translation:

Miki looks like a good hero. I hope I get him. He’d make a good combo with Kiril or Boldtusk. She’d (?) be good for titans. She ( :joy: ) has a good defense.

Ahemm, sorry for laughing.


I use Kunchen everywhere, so I do agree with you. If I get Miki I’ll be super happy tbh :slight_smile:

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I got him…wait…her…wait…its a toss up

Possibly our 1st transgendered hero…wait…we have a few of those…nevermind…I got the pull


:joy::joy::joy::+1:me equivoqué es el corrector del móvil que coloco asi

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Never in this life, maybe in another world!!

IMO - Max Alasie and take Miki to 3/70.

Based on Alasie destroys me when I raid against her, I find her as difficult as Guin to beat, fast mana and takes a big bite out of my mana generation. At tank she punishes bad boards quickly b/c she hits hard. Good attack stat for tile damage on titans with universal utility.

Miki can go next and you may have the last scopes you need by the time Alasie is finished (dunno, I am slow with 5 simultaneous projects feeding like colors, you may be much faster).


What about the next legendary rush raid without nature? Miki will be harder there than Kunchen was in the last without holy.

Frida Ariel Mik Isa Athena


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8th pull