Hotm and Atlantis

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What happens with the hero of the month when he appeared the second time in Atlantis? Does he dissappear, never to return again or does he comes available in Tc20 after a while?

No HotMs or Atlantis (Season 2) heroes appear in Training Camps.

They generally rotate around as featured heroes but the time between being featured is going to be long.

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As @voidstrike said, they do not enter TC20 at this time. As for what does happen, we don’t know. May 2020 would be the first month with three past HOTMs available at Atlantis (Hel, Gravemaker, Ranvir).


Well, players have been asking to have HOTM and season 2 heroes included in tc20. So far, it does not look like it is going to happen.

From what I’ve read, you cannot obtain a HoTM through a training camp at TC20.

Only from the Atlantis Summon and typically includes both two featured 5* Season 2 heroes, as well as two former hotm Heroes of the Month.

The Atlantis Summon “Featured Heroes” are not officially posted and not 100% known, but there are charts that have been shared on the E&P community forum that shows previous hotm pulls from Atlantis and possible hotm for planning purposes.

Hope this helps

I kill them in a raid.

To add a more constructive (but it’s true!) note: there have been many requests to make non TC 20 more accessible. The body of speculation on this possibility and how it would work is even more extensive. But, as far as I’m aware, there has only ever been one single credible comment made on this possibility.

In the most recent Ask Me Anything that SGG hosted, they were asked this question explicitly. You can read the full response here, but I’ll quote the relevant part for you:

Some earlier Heroes of the Month could be theoretically possible to get through the new training camp options; that’s more likely than us doing anything with Season 2 heroes [in the TC].


Just imagine all that whine from those who already got their hotms, if they were added to tc20.

My guess is that eventually they have to do something with all those extra heroes. In my humble opinion it’s worth to put the hotm in Tc20 with a chance rate 10x lower than a normal 5*. So 1 out of 100… pull will be a hotm… Knowing the training length is 2 days not many people will get a heroe of the month, only a little few lucky people :wink:

I don’t ever see them coming to TC20.

I would expect there to be an upgrade to training camps (advanced training camp) and these heroes only be present in there at some level for some cost that makes not a lick of sense.

Yes the wait time between gets longer each month but I suspect the Season 3 gate may have a way to summon past HsOTM as a way to redress that

Tc stops at 20 yeah? can always make tc 21,22,23,24
What they offer is a different question!
People will still pull at Atlantis I’m just using coins till after guardians!
i could see one day season 2 heros in a tc form! But it’s probably gonna cost a lot of ham n recruits for a slight chance of getting a 5* from it

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The old ones are in rotation. But I don’t expect to land any because the 5 star pool for that gate is flipping huge while the chance to get any of them so small. But my luck seems to be changing as when summoning in both X-Mas and the Fables gates, I landed a Grimble. One in each gate on the same profile. Hell, I don’t have enough Tabards for one yet lol.

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