I am so freakin sick of losing to weaker levels!

I am at Level 35 with a team power of 3524 there are seldom days I can win matches in Raids against Level 28-33 with team power of 2700 to 3300. Then once in a blue moon the switch is turned on and I am invincible!

It is so frustrating knowing I have a decent team and a seasoned player to fall prey on someone with much less powers. You cannot believe the frustration levels when you constantly being bashed in Raids and War. I am restarting to think why am I playing this game that is so abrasive to players at higher levels and spending money just to get by? No! I spend money to advance myself but I cannot afford to plunk down hundreds of dollars just to reach the capacity what ever that level is, to be able to have an even plain to battle apponents closer to my level and actually WIN.

I really hope this can be addressed quickly to level the playing field so players can enjoy winning as much as they loose.


Team power and player level doesnt really mean anything. They are worthless metrics.

Better to look at it from a case-to-case view.

What raid team do you usually use?
Is it always the same?
Or do you color stack?
What teams do you usually have problems with?
Are there teams you often win against?


I have three four star players one blue two red and two four stars in yellow and purple.

I don’t usually alternate except when I need two health assists then my four stars are green and purple.

My heroes hover 1,000 +/- in energy/level points.

how far leveled are they and who are they?

Team Power 3526

5 Star Khagan - level 67

5 Star Thorne - level 70

5 Star Natalya - level 70

4 Star Guardian Jackel - level 70

4 Star Sabina - level 70


4 Star Melendor - level 70

5 Star Elena

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You will always have winning streaks and losing streaks. My losing streaks seem to happen when I use a flask which is rough.

But you have some good heros. Do you have any other fast snipers? or other heros?

You’ll probably want to sit Thorne right in the middle, flanked by Natalya and Jackel. You can put Khagan and Sabina in the corners.


I’m far from an expert but my experience is showing me the importance of healers, even on my attack teams. In raids I’m often taking down fancy 5 stars with my leveled up 4 star healers.


You also got to remember that a 5* at 3/70 is realistically weaker than a 4* at 4/70 no matter what the team power says, unless that 5* has some amazing special ability.


I am hearing all the great feedback and will try the suggestions. For the person who said 4 star is better when fully ascended is correct but once you obtain 5stars two thirds of the way it uses your highest team power to match raids regardless.

As for odds winning Raids- 5/100 and War averages 180.

As for the rest of game I do well and have no complaints

Ok just tested placement with Heroes in Raid. Now of course it was against a level 28 with team power of 3250 it was a better play BUT can’t play teams near my caliber.

Thanks for the tip.

The puzzle aspect game gives weaker teams a chance to win. I like it

I call 5 stars leveled to 70 “FANCY 4 STARS” :joy:


Actually, it doesn’t use team power to match raids at all. It uses trophies. You will always be matched with someone within 300 trophies of yours. So if you have 1000 trophies, your potential raid opponents will have between 700 and 1300.
If you fight someone with equal trophies, you will gain 30 from a win and lose 30 from a loss. If you have more trophies than your opponent to start with, you will gain less than 30 from a win and lose more than 30 from a loss. If you have fewer than your opponent to start with, you’ll gain more than 30 from a win and lose less than 30 from a loss. Team power doesn’t come into the equation at all


My defense team is 3500, my offense team is 3400.
I fill my chest exclusively beating 3800-4100 teams. I finish the chest in Diamond, get brought down to Platinum overnight. Rinse and repeat the next day.

To answer your question: Your defense team keeps you in place relative to it’s strength and composition. Not all equal power teams are equal(!)

4* Blue tanks are generally fine for upper Platinum. Boril for example.

Wise people attack with 2-3-5 strong vs the enemy tank. Going that route you can easily take much stronger defense teams (what I do).

Bottomline - do not bother. Make yourself good at offense, pick fights only if they offer +40 or more to account for revenge and eventual need for second try to kills. I’m more often than not targeting +50 fights on purpose.


I’m not even close to beating teams with 3000 to 3500 just not possible. One time I did was from an opponent attacking me.

Besides you only get what you receive as Heroes. Can’t be plunking down hundreds of dollars to get a descent team. Daily wins is how I got most of mine with two exceptions Natalya and Thorne.

In all honesty I played way better with completed 4 star Heroes but again I couldn’t win any matches close to my level at all.

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Let me put it this way: look at raids the same way you do titans :slight_smile:

Gather an offense team of: healer+4 heroes of one color. Same way you do titans best wu+4 of strong color.

Roll the raids until you find a suitable opponent for your offense team (weak color tank)

Start playing only with that team and only vs such oponents and only for +40 or more. Learn to work the board that way.

In a week you will come back here completely changed :wink:


Warthenlan I totally agree with EVERYTHING you have said… It is unfair and exhausting!!


I have a problem with the hero Obakan. When you open a hero throws out of the game. Such a problem appeared after the game was updated.

Even using all the suggestions I still haven’t improved enough to balance the odds fairly.

So here is my update:

Changed the position of Heroes which helped a bit. Still lose to lower levels but now it’s just a slow death.

I have come to the conclusion it’s not about skill as it is the program not giving the color required to refresh team and/or the speed to go about the board with ease. The system provides the colors to be used on the Raids or War it’s unpredictable so if your waiting on green or purple or blue to refresh your team and there isn’t any on the board during the battle well you can kiss the win goodbye.

The odds are not in your favor and like me starting to burn out because of this madness constantly pounding you down, frustrated by the fact you build up a strong team and you are paying to gain advantage doesn’t necessarily work.
I choose not to pay as much because the results seem to be the same.

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